03.14.2022 Weekly Bulletin

Downtown Optimist Club of Columbia

Zoom/In Person Meeting Newsletter

Monday, March 14, 2022 at Shakespeare’s Pizza Southside

Members attend in person President Tony Parisio, Larry Fick, Red Leighton, Ken Oster, Ed Musterman, Mary Dewey, Rick McKernan,  Jack Crusie, John Jones, Ed Musterman, Bonnie Yantzi, and Jerry Sullivan. Guest: Ernest Governor-elect and Danna Wren, Zoom were Lister Florence and Scott Stager.

Prayer- John Jones Pledge: Ernest Wren

Birthday/Anniversary: John Jones 4th wedding anniversary last Tuesday

Larry Fick started back working at the Food Bank working on getting the senior boxes ready for 2 hours today.

Board Meeting: Thursday, March 17th St. Patrick Day. We have 4 funding request they are: Hickman Review for $1000, Daniel Boone Little League for $700, Food Bank for $5000, and Clubhouse Improvement Committee for $1000.

Rick McKernan let us know that the Oratorical Contest will be this Sunday, March 12 at 2:00 pm at the Sunrise Optimist Club. There were 3students who took part in the Oratorical Contest this year. One was a Chinese Students, M. Phillip from Rock Bridge who took 1st place and Diana Kickwright who from Father Tolton took 2nd place.  They will be moving on to the 3th qtr. Conference in Chestfield, MO.

Mary Dewey will be going to Fun City Youth Academy to have them start working on their posters.  This is a contest for students who are the under the age 11 years old who love to paint and draw. Their theme is “Optimism “

Jerry Sullivan that this Saturday, March 12 from 9 to 12 will be clubhouse cleanup day. Jerry would like the Thank the following members who helped that day clean up and put in some of the kitchen cabinets. They are Jim Murphy, Carl Scott, Ed Musterman and Jerry Sullivan.

Mary would like to thank the following who came out to help support the Kids 1st Optimist Club Trivia and Chili Night. They are Danna and Ernest Wren, Rick McKernan and His wife, and Carl Scott. We had fun playing trivia even though we were in last place. May’s White Chicken Chili won the Chili Contest. This was the same recipe she had at 1st qtr. Conference this year.

Mary wants to reminder everyone that Bike Safety Rodeo will take place on Saturday, May

14th and rain date May 21. From 8:00 set up and event is from 9 to 11:00 at Karis Church.

Attached it the information from our guest speaker and club member Bonnie Yantzi about Fun City Youth Academy.

Meeting end at 12:45 pmTony Parision, President                                             

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