06.11.2018 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

June 11, 2018


Call to order: Ed Musterman, President at 12:05

Pledge: Jake Jolley

Invocation:  Red Leighton


Introduction of Guests   



Birthdays and Anniversaries

Larry Fick will celebrate his 55th wedding anniversary this Wednesday.


Mystery Person 

Scott Stager made this week’s award to Rick McKernan for all the work he does for the Soap             Box Derby


Greeter   –



  • Sign In or Pay the Pig  — All were signed in and wearing their badge.
  • Food Bank – Jim Murphy/Larry Fick

Jim, Larry and Carl worked this past week packaging chicken popcorn and chicken fingers.

  • Soap Box Derby – Rick McKernan.

After a long Sunday of races this past weekend, Rick came offering T-shirts to all the Optimist drivers who hauled kids and derby cars back up the hill. He recounted for our guest speaker the meeting the club held for the first SBD winner back in 2008. Buddy Briscoe won the SBD in 1938. It was such a meaningful event for him that he wanted to celebrate his 85th birthday with the 2008 Derby winners. He was presented with a copy of the front page picture of himself in the September, 1938 issue of the Columbia Tribune and a birthday cake.

  • Bike Safety – Mary Dewey reported this event went off well. The crowd was somewhat dampened by the rain earlier in the day but there were still 16 kids who participated in this event. Carl Scott thanked Ron Berg for his help loading Red Leighton’s car with helmets and gear for the event. Rick and Chuck help unload gear after the event. Mary was grateful for the student volunteers who helped with this event.
  • Evening meeting June 27th.  Convene 6:00 at the Food Bank on Vandiver Dr.  Greetings & Introductions followed by a presentation from Food Bank staff with a DO Club volunteer activity immediately to follow. The club needs 25 members for this meeting to show off the club’s participation in volunteerism. Contact Ed Musterman to confirm your participation.
  • Jake Jolley – Show Me Games.  Co-Chair is still needed. Co-chair responsibilities include getting the Gatorade and hauling it from the clubhouse to Cosmo Park Sunday morning, July 29. Jake passed out signup sheets and waivers for this July event.
  •  Tree lot status.  (no report today)
  • Announcements from the floor.  A memorial service is to be held for Bryan Phifer, longtime member of the DOC. He is remembered for his work as Department Chair of Urban Development at MU and for his later volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity and PET (Personal Energy Transportation). He is survived by his wife Doris. The memorial service will we held Saturday. June 16 at the Memorial Baptist Church at 1:30 pm.



Today’s Speaker

Amy Weeks, CAFNR – Jefferson Farms

            Amy Weeks is the program director for MU’s Jefferson Farm. She accepted this position two years ago when the University assumed responsibility for the management of the property that was run previously by the Jefferson Institute, a private research group. Prior to her current position she worked for MU in St. Louis. And prior to that she worked at the 207 acre Farm Park in Springfield. She lives in Warrenton and commutes to Columbia each day and is currently the proud parent of her 4 month old son.


Jefferson Farms is committed to teaching and exposing non-farmers to the value for farming and agriculture. Jefferson Farms and Garden is supported by the College of Agriculture with the MU system It is also supported by partners, grants and donations for the work it does in educating the public in the value of farming and conservation.


Special features of this 63 acre property include

  • 3 acres of Native Trees where 75 different trees are grown, 50 of which are native to Missouri. All the trees are identified for visitors to note as they amble past on the walk path. In addition, the roadway into the farm is bordered by Sugar Maples which when mature in about 40 years will product sap for maple syrup.
  • 4 acres Sunflower field that is ablaze in gold in late summer and fall. The farm hopes to find a combine the harvest the seeds for bird food.
  • 7 acre lake that is stocked with large mouthed bass, blue gills and catfish. Once a month the farm and lake are open for Family Night where fishing poles and gear are provided so everyone can catch a fish in this well stocked lake. The lake Is also used to teach water quality and aquaculture (Fish Farming in Missouri)
  • 3 acres Pumpkin patch which provides pumpkins to teachers and families who visit the farm in the fall.
  • Big Red Barn where goats and a few other barnyard animals are on display
  • Large Butterfly house, one of only two dedicated exclusively to native Missouri butterflies. During a special event, Saturday June 23 and Sunday the 24th, the four stages of butterfly development will be on exhibit.


The farm is located on New Haven Road, 1½ miles east of the AC exit off Hywy 63. It is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Upcoming events include Family Fun on the 2nd Friday of each summer month. The next event is July 13. The Butterfly exhibit is will be held Saturday, June 23 and Sunday June 24 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. For more information and to schedule a tour go to their website: https://jefferson.missouri.edu/







June 18 – Detective Tracy Perkins, Boone Co Sheriffs Task Force to Protect Children

June 25 – General membership discussion and update on club activities.

July 2 – TBD

July 9 – City of Columbia, Water & Sewer bond presentation.








Adjourn with the Creed: 1:00

Optimistically Yours,


Sid Sullivan


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