11.06.2017 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

Nov 6, 2017

Call to order:  Mary Dewey

Invocation:by Pat Brown

Pledge: led by Jim Murphy

Introduction of Guests   

Jack Cruise introduced his wife, Jackie

Max Miller introduced his wife, Anne

Birthdays and Anniversaries



Mystery Person –Ken Oster made today’s award to Larry Fick for convincing him the Use Tax is a good thing for all.


Greeter   -Steve Winters agreed to tell his story of the week when he and Scott Stager were working late sorting the Koeze Nut shipment. Late Friday night Steve said it was time to quit and leave work for another day when Scott was looking for six cases Koeze Nuts to fill an order of eight canisters. The math didn’t work as there are six canisters to a case.



  • Sign In or Pay the Pig.  Carl Scott reported receipts from the last time he emptied the Pig were $15.00. This gives a year to date total of $75.00. He encouraged more members to pay the Pig to increase our donation to a local Childhood Cancer funds. Ken Oster is Chair of this committee
  • Food Bank – Larry Fick and Jim Murphy reported they packaged chicken this past week (chicken breasts then chicken fingers).
  • Koeze/Gift Certificates – High praise for Steve & Scott, the only two who bagged Koeze orders.  More volunteers are needed for this.
  • Koeze/Certificate update: Steve Winters distributed restaurant certificates to members present. When picking up Koeze Nut for distribution, member should pay attention to a yellow dot on the sales slips for orders of both Koeze Nuts and Restaurant certificates. Also, C.O. is working on a system to accept credit card payments for our fundraising items.
  • Tree Lot – John Sapp. The MU Baseball Team will unload trees on Saturday morning, Nov 11 at 8:30. John requests members to show up to express our gratitude for the team’s help and to be on hand if they are shorthanded.
  • YOHO/Alternative general membership meeting. –Kelly Schilling reported the YOHOs had a good meeting. It was a small but growing group that wants to take on this year’s task of Honoring Law Enforcement and First Responders. They will decorate a Christmas tree with red, white and blue ribbons and notes from kids and others showing their appreciation for the work these people perform. The tree will be mobile and displayed at our clubhouse lot over the tree sale period. Early shift lot workers are requested to place the tree in the middle of wall mural and connect it to electricity. It is to be taken in each night. John Sapp emphasized the importance of position the tree in the middle of the mural to avoid any mishaps with outgoing trees during the tree sale operation.
  • 50th anniversary celebration of Rock Bridge State Park – Red Leighton honored as a Founding member. Also attending were Cyrilla Galbreath, Sue & Ed Musterman.  Rick and Susie McKernan were on their way and Susie fell and injured herself. The support of the Downtown Optimists was stated.   Cyrilla commented the folks selected for telling the story of Rock Bridge Park were not that well informed, especially about the role the Downtown Optimists Club played in the development of the park.
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony – Adam Saunders has invited the club members to a ground breaking of the Agricultural Park next to the ARC and Columbia Farmers Market.  The event takes place at 10:00 on Nov 18th.
  • Cash Register Training at the Club House 5:30 on Nov 16th, immediately before the board meeting.
  • Tree lot sign up.  Every Monday at lunch and the electronic sign-up sheet will be emailed out for your use.
  • Boys and Girls Club Open House.  Carl Scott attended this event noting the $10,000 grant our club provided to make this new addition possible. He toured the new gym, audio studio and culinary kitchen, all built to provide services for H.S. kids.
  • Holiday luncheon:  Dec 11th at the Club House.



Today’s Speaker

Jerry Kiesling, MU Adult Day Care Program

Jerry Kiesling, (rhymes with Riesling) Director of the Day Connect, told stories of the services provided by the center for incapacitated clients. The program operates in Clark Hall at Mizzou. Jerry described their services as an alternative to a Nursing Home except clients go home each night and sleep in their own bed. They have a capacity for 24 clients and provide tailor made programming. There is a nursing staff to handle medications. They offer occasional field trips. Clients can come for a day relieving their caretakers or 5 days a week for those with a working spouse. Clark Hall is located on the east side of Providence Ave. just south of Turner Ave. It has easy access to drop off patients and return to Providence Ave.


Most clients are brought to the program by their caretakers. The exception is for veterans where the VA covers the cost of special transportation to and from the program. Currently, there are 17 day residents in the program, about a third of whom are veterans. At a cost of $89.00 a day, this program provides a needed service to caretakers and is priced very competitively when compared to nursing home costs of $80,000 to $120,000 per year.



Nov 13 – Nikki Burton, Great Circle

Nov 20 – Professor Jeanne Abbot – MU School of Journalism, Professional Standards and Cold of Ethics.

Nov 27 – TBD

Dec 4 – TBD

Dec 11 – Holiday Lunch at the Club House

Dec 18 – TBD

Dec 25 – No Meeting

Jan 1  – No Meeting





Adjourn with the Creed: 1:00

Optimistically Yours,


Sid Sullivan


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