11.13.17 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

Nov 13, 2017

Call to order: Ed Musterman at 12:05

Invocation: Pat Brown


Pledge: Ken Oster


Introduction of Guests   Kelly Schilling introduced her parents, Tim and Donna Boos, who are visiting. She also introduced Officer Justin Thomas of the Columbia Police Department who is helping her with the Law Appreciation tribute for display at the tree lot. Standing guest Shirley Beckett was also present


Birthdays and Anniversaries

Steve Winters has a birthday on Thursday November 16.


Mystery Person –

Jim Murphy made today’s award to Mary Dewey for all the fine work she has done in running our weekly membership meeting when President Musterman is absent.


Greeter   -Scott Stager was today’s greeter. His week was for the most part unmemorable. He did, however, remember all the leaves he raked from his yard as well as those in his neighbors’ yard on both sides. Also, he made the big leap into the 21st Century by buying a Smart Phone. Seems his sister’s kids no longer email. He has to text them to maintain contact. When asked about his bread baking, he reported a lapse in this activity although he still plans to organize a bread baking group for the Ronald McDonald House.



  • Sign In or Pay the Pig  All were signed in and wearing badges.
  • Food Bank –Jim Murphy reported that he, Larry Fick and Carl Scott spent last week packaging chicken (six breasts to a plastic bag). One of them separated the frozen parts, the next bagged them and the third tied off the bag.
  • Koeze/Certificate update: Steve Winters reported YTD sales of Koeze Nuts at $80,000 is down $20,000 from sales during the same period last year. The next shipment of Koeze Nuts is expected this Thursday. Steve will package them Friday evening (Help needed at 5:00 pm. Many hands make light work)
  • Hy-Vee Food Drive- Carl Scott announce the Hy-Vee Food Drive will take place next Tuesday, November 21at all three Hy-Vee locations from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm.
  • Tree Lot – John Sapp reports 300 trees from northern Michigan will arrive today. Another shipment of 450 trees is expected Wednesday. All trees this year are coming from Michigan. The Wednesday shipment is coming from a grower about 100 miles south of Traverse City. Steve Winters reported the 29 member MU Baseball Team unloaded the last shipment is record time. They also polished off 12 ½ large pizzas of the 15 supplied in record time.
  • YOHO/Alternative general membership meeting.- No report
  • Respect for Law – Kelly Schilling reported work is underway on the tribute to law enforcement and first responders. She will select an 8’ tree and decorate it with red, white and blue ribbons. Cards will be provided for people to add notes of appreciation. There will be three sections for notes designated by color, red, blue and green. Kelly is in contact with KOMU and other news groups for media coverage. Scott Stager offered lights he purchased for the tree. Carl Scott is working with an electrician to provide a convenient electrical outlet for the tree lights. A soap box derby floorboard will be used for the tree stand to provide the mobility needed to move the tree in and out of the clubhouse.
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony – Adam Saunders has invited the club members to a ground breaking of the Agricultural Park next to the ARC and Columbia Farmers Market.  The event takes place at 10:00 on Nov 18th.
  • Cash Register Training at the Club House 5:30 on Nov 16th, immediately before the board meeting.
  • Tree lot sign up.  Every Monday at lunch and the electronic sign-up sheet will be emailed out for your use outside the lunch.
  • Holiday luncheon:  Dec 11th at the Club House.  – Larry Fick will bring the sign-up sheet and collect the $10.00 per guest for this event. The meal will be catered by Hy-Vee.
  • Board appointments needed: 2nd VP, Treasurer, and Secretary.



Today’s Speaker

Nikki Burton, Great Circle

Nikki Burton left a 12 year career in banking to join the fundraising team of this not-for-profit organization. She and her husband relocated to Columbia so she could help solicit funding for the Great Circle.


Great Circle has taken over where Boys and Girls Town left off as the provider of services for troubled and traumatized youth ages infant to 21 years in Missouri. They occupy the buildings and group homes on the South Bearfield Road campus (just south of Giving Gardens). They also operate “scattered site housing “to transition youth from their controlled environment back into the community at large. They report working with over 400 area children.


Their program is designed to work with youth who have been traumatized by a life experience, who have serious mental health problems or who need help to recover from drugs or alcohol dependency. The niches they serve are the kids prone to violent outbursts, who haven’t done well in a foster setting or are dangerous to themselves and others. The residential program has 50 kids ranging in age 6 18 years. Their stay is anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. The campus school is accredited as an independent school. Great Circle also provides preventative and emergency services where their social workers go into the homes of traumatized kids. They work with other child serving agencies including the Circuit Court CASA program. Wards are referred from the courts, a private physician, the state child protective services or a self/family referral. Great Circle is hosting an Open House on December 11 from 4:00- 6:00 pm for anyone interested is seeing the facility on South Bearfield Rd.


Great Circle has two campuses, one in the St. Louis area, and the other here in Columbia. Funding coming from a multitude of sources: private and state grants, United Way and here in Columbia the ¼ cent youth mental health sales tax. Nikki works with a team of two other fundraisers charged to raise $500,000 annually.


Nikki announced the upcoming ”Winter Wishes Holiday Gift and Fund Drive” to be held later this month, November 27 – 30. People are encouraged to drop of a gift or monetary contribution at any of the Joe Machens’ Car dealerships in Columbia during this period. Other ways to give include offering grants to COMO gives December campaign, fulfill a child’s wish list, host a gift tree, provide a Wal-Mart or Target gift card for urgent clothing needs. For more info, contact Maggie Rotts at 573-442-5560 or Maggie.rotts@greatcirle.org.



Nov 20 – Professor Jeanne Abbot – MU School of Journalism, Professional Standards and Cold of Ethics.

Nov 27 – Randy Cole, City of Columbia, Housing Programs Coordinator

Dec 4 –  Dan Steska, Bike to the Future

Dec 11 – Holiday Lunch at the Club House

Dec 18 – Sonja Boone,  Boone County Administrator

Dec 25 – No Meeting

Jan 1  – No Meeting





Adjourn with the Creed: 1:00

Optimistically Yours,


Sid Sullivan


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