10.09.2017 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

October 9 2017


Call to order:  at 12:05 by Vice President, Mary Dewey

Invocation:     Larry Fick


Pledge: Phil Rodriguez


Introduction of Guests   



Birthdays and Anniversaries



Mystery Person – Steve Winters awarded this week’s gift certificate to Red Leighton for all the work as “the biggest nut seller.”


Greeter   – Carl Scott paid a quarter to the pig as his apology for arriving late as today’s greeter. He had an important phone call from Indiana.  He reported his attendance at Super Sams Cancer Foundation held at Stevens College. This is one of the Kids First Optimist projects. They have donated $75,000 to this cause during the past three years through fundraiser like “Magic and Heroes Trivia Night” to be held tonight Oct 9. Carl also referenced the recent message from the Optimist International President recounting this year’s theme, “Together We Can Make a Difference.” Gold will not solve problems and Carl added nor will government.



  • Sign In or Pay the Pig
  • Food Bank – Jim Murphy recounted the tasks of packaging cereal for kids this past week. They ran out of Coco Puff and had to find another cereal to package. (Someone suggested Jim could stop eating the Coco Puffs.)
  • E MO 1st Qtr Convention – Moberly, Oct 27 – 28th – Need attendance.  Location: Comfort Inn, 1801 W. Outer Road, Moberly.  Registration form to be emailed with the Newsletter this week.  Or let Ed or C.O know by Oct 8th for the early discount.  Program to be “Optimist Strong” training by Bob Schiller, Certified International Trainer.  Let C.O. Scheffer know as soon as possible if you can go.
  • Club Social and Installation of Officers. – Tuesday October 24th at 6:00 pm at the Clubhouse. Updates. Dave Murphy & Steve Winters are organizing this event. Steve reports the shrimp fest with all the fix’ns is $10.00 per adult, kids eat free. Officer Installation will take place at this meeting.
  • Koeze/Gift Certificates – Updates. Steve and Jake are still accepting orders until Oct 24 for the Nov 6 initial shipment. Members are encouraged to get most orders into this first order. The second and third shipment orders are due Nov 7 and Nov 28. Customers who miss ordering by Nov 7 will be expected to pick up their orders at the clubhouse.
  • A Work Day is scheduled at the clubhouse for Saturday morning, October 14, at 8:30 am. With enough volunteers the work should be completed in a couple of hours. John Sapp is organizing this to build replacement tree stands for our Christmas tree fundraiser. Lumber and hardware will be on hand to build four (4) 10’ stands and ten (10) 12’ stands. Skilled laborers will drill ¼ holes to attach cross section and attach tree support hardware with 3½” bolts to boards. Unskilled laborers are needed to haul boards and hold them in place. Some members can bring tools (1/4” x 4” drill bits, drills hammers, socket and open end wrenches). There is plenty of other work to do around the clubhouse to prepare for upcoming activities. All skill sets are welcome to help.


Today’s Speaker

Haley Ide, Meeting Engagement Coordinator, Central MO Humane Society

Haley came to update the club on Columbia’s Central Missouri Humane Society located off Rangeline Rd. on Big Beard Blvd. Her responsibilities include engaging volunteers, public education and speaking at public meetings. She emphasized the CMHS is a stand-along not-for-profit agency that is not affiliated with any other humane society or SPCA. They are funded by donations and fee for services. Pet adoptions range in price for $0 – $200.00; they received $10.00 to microchip and register a pet. They charge a nominal $30.00 to euthanize a pet. And, they actively seek donations. For those who can’t afford basic veterinarian services they work with underserved pet owners by providing low cost pet spay/neuter, vaccinations and operate a free food bank.


CMHS utilizes the services volunteers to maintain its level of service and contain costs within the shelter. Volunteers can take a dog for a walk or become one of 100 foster families that help contain shelter population. The shelter accepts court order “community service” referrals provided the referral is over 18 years old and is free of a felony conviction.


CMHS is not a no-kill organization but of the 2,000 animals they receive annually 90-92% of its animals survive. They partner with the MU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Shelter Medicine program and work closely with Second Chance and other animal rescue groups to place pets.


Other services provided by CMHS include work with feral cats. Because Columbia has no cat leash law, animal control will not pick up cats. So, when reports of feral cat are received, CMHS will capture, neuter and vaccinate cats. Cats are released to safe locations. Some become working cats as barn cats.



Oct 16- Jane Whitesides, MO Symphony.

Oct 23 – Capt Jenny Atwell, Boone Co Sheriffs, Detention

Oct 30 – Boone Co Commission, Sales tax ballot issue

Nov 6- Jerry Kiesling, MU Adult Day Care Program

Nov 13 – Nikki Burton, Great Circle












Adjourn with the Creed: 12:40

Optimistically Yours,


Sid Sullivan


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