10.16.2017 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

October 16, 2017

Call to order:  Ed Musterman, President at 12:05

Invocation: Sid Sullivan

Pledge: Ken Oster

Introduction of Guests   

Shirley Beckett and Noelle Case were acknowledged by President Musterman: Shirley as an enduring guest, Noelle who came after long absence since the birth of her daughter, Haven

Birthdays and Anniversaries



Mystery Person –  C.O. Scheffer presented today’s gift certificate to Noelle Case to welcome her back to the luncheon crowd and to encourage her return soon.


Greeter   –  Ed Musterman spent a great Saturday morning with John Sapp, Sid Sullivan, Jim Murphy and Scott Stager. We built new tree stands to replace older stands that were no longer serviceable.  The work went faster because Steve and Becca Winters along with Chuck Boots worked Friday night cutting the lumber to length.  Since there only 5 of us building stands it took better than 4 hours, we were all really tired by the end but it was great working with these Optimists.


Noelle Case was invited to update everyone on important events in her life. She came to HyVee to order a birthday cake for her daughter who will be One on Sunday, October 22. Haven has transformed her life. Noelle has had to cut back on work as well as attendance at the Optimists’ luncheons. Haven is adorable and will be walking soon. Noelle will return to our luncheon meeting as her life returns to a more normal pace.



  • Sign In or Pay the Pig
  • Food Bank – Jim Murphy reports last week he packaged Butter Finger Bits and refrained from sampling them while packaging. He also packed some Buddy Packs the cost of which the club underwrote with a $5000.00 grant. Buddy Packs consist of two (2) canned foods, two (2) cereal packages, powdered milk and a sweet (this time Gumby bears).
  • E MO 1st Qtr Convention – Moberly, Oct 27 – 28th – Need attendance for this Moberly meeting.  The agenda will be sent out a week in advance.  Friday night’s board meeting at the Comfort Inn and Saturdays meetings will be at the Bothwell Lodge. Red and Dorcas Leighton, Ed Musterman and Mary Dewey are register to attend.
  • Board Meeting – Oct 19th.  Two funding requests: Columbia Youth Basketball and Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
  • Club Social and Installation of Officers. – October 24th. Updates. Dave Murphy & Steve Winters.  Steve reports 29 guests and a couple of kids are signed up for this event. There is room for more. Jumbo shrimp, dirty rice, dump cake and ice cream will be the primary dishes. Fried chicken will be an available entre substitute upon advanced request only.
  • Koeze/Gift Certificates – Updates. Steve/Jake. First orders are due October 24. The delivery date for the Nuts is Thursday, Nov 2. Members should please consider the HELP NEEDED TO UNLOAD THE TRUCK PALLET after work the night (5:00 pm until finished)
  • Need two more workdays:
    • Clean up the club house for the social and the selling season. (Date: TBA)
    • Clean up the tree lot and dismantle old tree stands so they can be disposed of the old lumber. (SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28 at 8:30 am)  Steve Winters announced the original property owners of our clubhouse have scheduled a reunion for the following Sunday so help is needed to spruce up the clubhouse.

Need volunteers for each of these days.  The president will ask 2 members to make phone calls to get the volunteers.

  • Tree Lot – John Sapp.  John thanked Steve Winters for negotiating an hundred dollar discount on the tree stand lumber and hardware from Lacrosse Lumber. Volunteers completed building 14 tree stands but more help is needed to dismantle the older, broken stands and clean up the grounds. Christmas tree delivery is scheduled for November 11. Help unloading trees will be needed on that day as well.
  • A & A report. Ken Oster agreed to replace Carl Scott with this reporting task to Optimists International. The job entails documenting activities and volunteer work done by club members and filing reports to Optimists International.



Today’s Speaker

Jane Whitesides, Executive Director, MO Symphony

Ms. Whitesides presented the events of the Missouri Symphony. It is well known for the “Hot Summer Nights” that take place each summer from June 7 through July 14 with 24 concerts at various venues around Columbia including Theater, Shelter Gardens, Broadway Christian Church and Jesse Hall. Maestro Kirk Trevor leads an orchestra of international musicians who gather each summer here in Columbia.


Today, Ms. Whitesides presented a new program undertaken two years ago: the Missouri Orchestra Conservatory. It was established by Kirk Trevor to introduce kids (3 -12 years old) to music and to encourage parents of the benefits of a musical education. It enhances the cognitive capability, reduces childhood isolation and provides kids with a musical instrument as opposed to a gun or a gang. Practices are held at various times during the day on Mondays at the Broadway Christian Church. There are about 120 students involved in this program divided into two groups, 3 – 8 year olds and 9 -12 year olds. The students are only responsible for 40% of the cost of this education.  The rest is covered by the Symphony Society’s community fundraising efforts. The Society also works with Columbia Public Schools to engage third graders in music. Maestro Kirk Trevor tours third grade classrooms to explain “How to Build an Orchestra.”  They are hoping to expand this program to all third grade classrooms in the school district.


The budget for the Missouri Symphony is around $600,000.00. Some of the funds are covered by ticket prices but a significate portion is covered by fundraising activities. Sunday, October 29 from 4:00 – 7:00 pm there will be a young musicians’ Chicago Tour fundraiser held at the Copperstone Clubhouse, 4100 Copperstone Creek Drive. A Holiday Home Tour is scheduled for Dec 1st, 2nd and 3rd, including homes of Jane Mandel, Mary Phillips and Mayor Brian Treece, Julie and Scott Swain and Lili Vianello and John Shrum.  The Symphony Toy Concert will be held at the Missouri Theater on December 17 at 3:00 pm. Tickets for these and other events can be found on the Society’s website: http://www.MoSymphonySociety.org/



Oct 23 – Capt Jenny Atwell, Boone Co Sheriffs, Detention

Oct 30 – Boone Co Commission, Sales tax ballot issue

Nov 6- Jerry Kiesling, MU Adult Day Care Program

Nov 13 – Nikki Burton, Great Circle

Nov 20 – Professor Jeanne Abbot – MU School of Journalism, Professional Standards and Code of Ethics.








Adjourn with the Creed: 1:00

Optimistically Yours,


Sid Sullivan


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