08.07.2017 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

August 7, 2017


Call to order: Mary Dewey, Vice President at 12:05

Invocation: Rick McKernan

Pledge:  Owen Schilling, Soap Box Derby driver


Introduction of Guests   

Colton Wake, Super Stock Derby Driver and his father, Jason Wake

Max Keicher, Stock Derby Driver, and Chris Keicher, grandmother

Owen Schilling, Derby Driver, and Evan and Kelly Schilling Parents, plus aunt and grandmother.


Birthdays and Anniversaries



Mystery Person  – Ken Oster gave the award to Chuck Boots for all the work he has done to keep the derby cars running.


Greeter   – Nadia Ryakhmyatullov

Nadia had a tiring, busy, pushed to her limit week as the new general manager at the Tiger Hotel. She is up to the challenge and happy she made the change. She mentioned several job openings at the Hotel and restaurant.


  • Sign In and badge or Pay the Pig  Carl Scott paid the pig for Jessica Kempf (not present) who was recently mentioned in the Columbia Tribune for completing the tough Weikert Realty Real Estate program.
  • Scrap Book- Mary Dewey is still collecting items for the scape book. She even used her phone to create additional pictures of today’s event with the derby champions and their families.
  • Oratorical Contest – Rick had no new information. . Topic for the 2017-18 School Year is: “Can Society Function Without Respect?” Youth under the age of 18 as of October 1, 2017
  • Essay Contest – Rick had nothing to add from last week. . Topic for the 2017-2018 School Year is: “Where are My Roots of Optimism?” Students under the age of 18 as of October 1, 2017 are eligible. Interested students need to submit a speech on the pre-assigned topic to one of the local Optimist Clubs. More information can be found at: http://www.optimist.org/e/member/scholarships4.cfm
  • Possible evening speaker – Steve Winters is still awaiting a response from the potential speaker.
  • Koeze Nut sales efforts update if any – Steve Winters will have all the information and materials need for the Koeze Nut sales and order takers at the Aug 28 meeting.
  • Food Bank volunteers – Carl, Jim, Larry. Carl Scott mentions the DOC club as a whole has contributed 155 hours of volunteer services at the Food Bank during the first six months of the year. That number could be improved if we had more members volunteering to help.
  • Optimist Golf Tournament Carl Scott reported Columbia’s lone contestant, Ryan Choe of Rock Bride H.S., successfully completed the 1st and 2nd rounds at the tournament but was eliminated in the 3rd.
  • The Old Oak Tree on the Clubhouse Grounds  Rick McKernan reported the City Power and Light removed all but one limb on the tree to prevent it from damaging any city power lines. The final limb will be removed later this week. The remaining tree trunk is sturdy and could make an excellent totem pole. Any takers of wood carvers or chain saw artists?
  • Next week’s speaker – Cheryl Unterschutz, Exec Director, Girls on the Run
  • No meeting August 21st – Solar eclipse


Today’s Speaker

Aug 7 – Soap Box Derby drivers and families

All the proud derby contestants and their families were excited to present the stories of events in Akron at the International running of the Soap Box Derby. It was a family event complete with a parade a second Derby race on the Wednesday preceding the Saturday main race. The week-long event was filled with activities and fellowship for the kids and their families. All were given a great Ohio “Welcome.” The Derby champions were given a model derby car, complete with weights to experiment with optimal positioning of those weights in a simulated race. They designed their own unique campaign buttons which the Derby committee then produced 200 for each derby champion. The kids could exchange their button with others as a way to meet others from around the country.


Colton Wake, the return winner, was excited to participate in his second International Derby. He was able to tell the other family’s what to expect to make their trip to Akron a little less stressful. He also told of how he first got involved in Derby racing. He had noticed the derby car in the Optimist Clubhouse when he was with his family purchasing a Christmas tree. He never thought much of it until one year he asked about it. It was all history from then on. As a two time winner, he is out of options to compete in the local derby races. But he does have the option of competing in Rally Races as a path to Akron. He is off to Kansas City this weekend for his first Rally Race.


Max Keicher came with his grandmother.  He thought the trip to Akron was a great experience. “It’s not all about winning. There is a lot of fun in racing.” He plans to participate in the Rally Race.


Owen Schilling came with a prepared speech, props and a photo album of his trip to Akron. While neither he nor his father were initially interested in the local derby race, his mother, Kelly, kept encouraging them to sign up. They all thought it was just a Sunday event in Columbia. Then, as Owen prepared for his final race and a chance to win in his race class, the family discovered winning that race was a ticket to Akron. That’s when the family cheering began. Kelly Schilling thanked the Optimist for our support in making this family outing possible. The family has just returned from their vacation and without the financial support of the DOC, they would not have been able to make the trip to Akron. Owen mentioned in his speech the great experience of meeting kids from all over the U.S. and even one from New Zeeland, of being a part of a friendly family event with people you didn’t know, of a great learning experience and of learning to win or lose and share the joy and fun with others. Owen is hooked. He is off to Kansas City for the Rally Race this weekend.



Aug 14 – Cheryl Unterschutz, Girls on the Run

Aug 21 – No Meeting, Solar Eclipse

Aug 28 – Steve Winters, Koeze Nuts

Sept 4 – No Meeting, Labor Day

Sept 11 – TBD

Sept 18 – Mike Mathis, Columbia City Manageer










Adjourn reluctantly with the Creed: 1:00


Optimistically Yours,

Sid Sullivan


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