08.14.2017 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

August 14, 2017


Call to order: Mary Dewey, Vice President at 12:05 p.m.

Invocation: Ken Oster

Pledge: Jim Murphy


Introduction of Guests  


Bonnie Langreder accompanied husband Charlie – She is acting as chauffeur while Charlie is recovering from his shoulder surgery.  Charlie reports that his rehabilitation is proceeding nicely.


Birthdays and Anniversaries




Mystery Person 


Mary took the mystery person responsibilities this week and awarded it to Carl Scott for all the work on the community BBQ last week, and personally purchasing beverages and other items.


Greeter   –  Harold Rowe


Had a good last week.  He is looking forward to the Eclipse.  He has been planning for 6 months or more to have his entire family of four adult children and their spouses from the far corners of the country all at one place at the same time.  He said it has been a lot of years since that has happened.  They will be here for the entire weekend.  Prior conversations indicated that he and his wife had planned so well that they have booked an entire bed and breakfast for the occasion.  Well, that really required planning in advance.




  • Sign In and badge or Pay the Pig – Mary paid for her name appearing in the Missourian from Sat event – Someone said she was also on TV as part of that event.
  • Scrap Book- Mary reports that it will be finished by this Thursdays board meeting
  • Essay Contest – Carl – still looking for participants. Discussed optional ideas.
  • Carl Scott – Update on his plans for moving – close to being gone.  Packed and ready to move.
  • Ric reports that the big Oak tree on the clubhouse back lot is down – all but the main trunk. Their have been discussion about whether to cut for firewood or have something carved.  It is a Pin oak so not as valuable to lumber or firewood gatherers as are other oaks.  Professional carver wold cost $1100.  Suggestion was made to carve it into a Christmas tree.  Reportedly it is solid and not hollow.  Lots of chainsaws in hands of club members, but no one is yet admitting to having the artistic skills needed. Hey, sounds like a have fun with chain saw event – but be careful guys.



  • Today’s Speaker


Cheryl Unterschutz of Heart of Missouri Girls on the Run


Girls on the run is a national organization with independently run locally organized non profit groups.  Their origins go back to Charlotte NC 20 year ago.  They are present in every state in the US and Canada.  There are five independent organization in Missouri.


Their goal is building Confidence, Competence, Connection,Character, & caring in young girls.


From their brochure:


“Trained volunteer coaches use our research-based curricula to teach foundational lessons through dynamic discussions, activities and running games.   Over the course of the ten-week program, girls in 3rd-8th grade develop essential skills to help them navigate their worlds and establish a lifetime appreciation for health and fitness.  Our program culminates with girls positively impacting their communities through a service project and being physically and emotionally prepared to compete a celebratory 5K event”.


They run two ten-week programs a year, one in the fall, and one in the spring.  This is done in full cooperation with local school or community organizations where the activities occur as an after school event.  Participants meet twice a week for 90 minutes each time.  Two age groups are involved, elementary 3rd thru 5th grades, and middle school 6th grade thru 8th grades.


Again from their brochure:


“Studies show that during adolescence, girls’ confidence drops about twice as much as boy’s, friendships become more complicated and challenging, girls’ perception of their academic success declines, their risk for anxiety and depression goes up and their participation in physical activity plummets”.


Their after school sessions culminate with training for an end of program 5K run.  Volunteer coaches (really mentors) work with girls in teams of 8-20 in various sites across Mid-Missouri.  Running becomes a way to teach them to set goals and work towards them.  The final event is an actual 5K run with adult running buddies.  These buddies can be family, friend or a volunteer.  It is a celebratory non-competitive event

which is not timed.  No winners, just the joy and camaraderie of participating.


The organization partners with Columbia Parks and Recreation, using the Bear Creek Trail for the run.  As many as 600 people from around mid-Missouri participate in this event.


There are 18 elementary schools and community programs involved in Central Missouri.  They have successfully reached out to smaller communities in the area.  Last year 350 girls were involved, 200 in the fall and 150 in the spring.  They are currently registering for the fall.  There is a monetary charge for participation, but ample scholarships are available.  One of the community programs operates out of the Boys and Girls Club where girls who are members of that organization pay no additional fee for participating in Girls on the Run.


A quote:


“Girls on the run makes a stronger impact than organized sports and physical education programs in teaching life skills”.


Cheryl shared one heart warming story of a girl who participated in Girls on the Run.  At the beginning she was totally introverted, had no friends, and was socially isolated.  Within weeks, she was becoming an active participant, showing progress in social and friendship skills, and was determined to finish the 5K run.  Due to physical limitations she was the last participant on the field, and when her new friends saw her determinedly struggling to finish the race they ran back onto the field, surrounding her and emotionally supported her to the finish line. Now the girl is a continuing participant and speaks confidently to groups of people in support of Girls on the Run.


How to help?


Volunteer coaches are always sought.  This requires a commitment of twice a week for 10 weeks.  This more of a mentoring job than coaching in the traditional use of the word.


Volunteers are sought to assist with the 5K run.   These runs will occur this year on November 11th, and at the end of April.


Running buddies are needed for girls who may not have a family member or adult friend to actually participate with them in the run.


Help fundraise for scholarships.


Support their major fund raiser titled “Cocktails in Sneakers”.  Thursday September 28, 2017 in the Champagne Ballroom 3919 S Providence here in Columbia.


  • Wear your cocktail attire with your sneakers
  • Free admission & food
  • Cash Bar
  • Live & silent auction
  • Meet GOTR participants
  • Opportunities to support scholarships for girls


In addition, this year, Girls on the Run is one of the six supported charities of the Tigers on the Prowl campaign now in progress.  The culmination of that is a Gala & Auction on Thursday, August 31, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Executive Center.  Participation in events of that program will directly support Girls on the Run.  For that event see http://tigersontheprowl.org/tigers-on-the-prowl-auction/


Girls on the Run can be contacted at 573-246-0884 or http://www.heartofmissourigirlson therun.org





Aug 21 – No Meeting, Solar Eclipse

Aug 28 – Steve Winters, Koeze Nuts

Sept 4 – No Meeting, Labor Day

Sept 11- TBD

Sept 18 – Mike Mathis, Columbia City Manager


Adjourned with the Creed by 1:00 p.m.



Optimistically Yours,

Scott Stager

Shanghaied scribe


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