05.22.2017 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

May 22, 2017


Call to order: Ed Musterman, President at 12:05

Invocation: Max Miller

Pledge:Pat Brown


Introduction of Guests   


Birthdays and Anniversaries

Max Miller celebrates his 53rd wedding anniversary on May 31.

Mystery Person 

Ed Musterman kept the mystery person to make the award to the most cheerful person in the room,
Dave Murphy.

Greeter   – Dave Murphy

Dave gave three reasons he was cheerful today. 1) As Director of the Conservation Federation and contrary to all advice given him,  he instituted Youth Archery. Today 30,000 kids participate in the program through their school. And, of the 230 participants  at the recent International Archery Competition, five of the top ten archers were from Missouri. 2) As Commissioner of the Department of Conservation, he received news the budget for the upcoming year will be $202 million, up from $16 million in 1966. Half the budget is for youth programs. 3) His visiting 3 year old grandson visiting from Sweden caught his fist fish.



  • Sign In and badge on or Pay the Pig This week Nadia joined Carl Scott to pay the pig.
  •  Board Meeting – May 18th

The board approved Grant Funding of $3,000 for CHALIS

Authorized Mary Dewey to spend up to  $200 for Bike Safety

Harold Rowe requested a special club meeting for potential members recruited at Art in thePark.  Decision was made to invite interested recruits to a Monday lunch meeting withthe club buying lunch.  A July 13th date was set for a social at the clubhouse. Potential          and new recruits will be invited to attend . Main course at the social will be hamburgers and brats in a picnic setting. Charge is the usual $10 per head (kids eat free).  Treasurer reported there is $10,000 remaining of the $43,000 budgeted for grants in the fiscal year ending Sept. 31st. Nadia Ryakhmyatullov agreed to fill the board position that was vacated when Mary Dewey was appointed VP to fill Carl Scott’s term.

  • New Member recruitment event – C.O.  Mike Hatchet, Jessica, Travis – Next meeting will be held at Günter Hans on June 1.
  • Soap Box Derby – Rick, Chuck Rick circulated sign-up sheet for drivers to this June 11 event. Rick is asking for 16 Optimist to drive.
  • Scholarship – (Cyrilla, Carl, Max) Cyrilla reports all scholarships were awarded this past week.
  • Food Bank – (Larry Fick, Jim Murphy, Carl Scott) Jim reports the team is still going strong.
  • Bike Safety, June 8th – Mary Dewey has everything in place for this event in the Lange Middle School parking lot. The event starts for kids at 5:30 and runs until 8:00. Volunteers should be there at 5:00.
  • Art in the Park – Harold Rowe has all under control for this June 3 & 4 event. The set-up time is 2:00 Friday, June 2 for members who wish to help.
  • 99th Optimist International Meeting will be held in Albuquerque, July 6-8.


Today’s Speaker

May 23 –  Member Spotlight,  Nadia Ryakhmyatullov

Born Nadezhda M Ryakhmyatullov on June 13, 1992 in Тавда́, (Tavda, Russia) to a family of eight siblings, two sisters and five brothers Nadia has very little memories of her first five years in Russia before her family moved to The States. Tavda is a town in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia , located on the Tavda River and functioning as a river port. For reference, Tavda is 2,100 miles due east of Moscow. Her mother claims it’s a two day journey to Moscow. Her parents operated a farm. Her uncle worked in a light bulb factory. He was paid in light bulbs so one could say his profession was a light bulb salesman.

The entire Ryakhmyatullov family moved to Sacramento , CA in 1997 as the parents sought a better life for themselves and their family. They moved once again, this time to Sedalia, MO in 2014 when Nadia was in 7th grade. Growing up with American children, she rebelled against the strict Russia culture practiced by her parents. She sought refuse in foster care at age 15 and changed foster parents until she found the ones she could live with. At 17 she became “emancipated” and attended a commuter college with the ambition to work as a pre-school teacher. However, after the birth of her twin daughters, she decided against working in pre-school only to return home to her own pre-schoolers. She now works in the hotel business, where she advanced from an entry level position to general manager in two years.


Nadia has renewed her relationship with both her parents and her foster parents. She is enjoying motherhood as her twins are finishing pre-school and ready to start kindergarten. She keeps herself busy with work, and is active with the Women’s Network and Columbia Hospitality Association. In her spare time she teaches Sunday school and teaches her twins T-Ball.



May 29 – No Meeting, Memorial Day

June 5 – Welcome Home – Shelter & Assistance for homeless veterans and families.

June 12- Ashlee Smith, Director of Development, Ronald McDonald House

June 19 – Natalie Thornton, Site Director, Phoenix Family, Columbia Square & Claudell Homes


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