March 6, 2023 Weekly Newsletter

Downtown Optimist Club of Columbia

In Person Meeting

Monday, March 6, 2023 at the Clubhouse

Meeting began at 12:00

Members in attendance: Dave Murphy, Mary Dewey, President, Jerry Sullivan, Ken Oster, Ed Musterman, Charles Langreder, Mike Hatchett, Rick Mckernan, Pat Brown, Red Leighton, Steve Klein, Larry Fick, Travis Kempf, Tony Parisio, Carl Scott, Deb Swanegan, C.O. Scheffer, and Kelly Schilling

Special Guests:  Jessica Macey, Coordinated Entry Specialist, Flourish, Susie McKernan, Bob and Penny McFadyen and Travis Kempf friend Kristen. 

Prayer: Deb Swanegan 

Pledge of Allegiance: Tony Parisio

Recognize new members and members who are back for the first time in a while:   

We like to welcome back Pat Brown, Dave Murphy, Charles Langreder, and Travis Kempf

Birthdays/Anniversaries:  N/A

Thank you to:  Ed for food, Tony for tech support, and Mary for notetaking and newsletter

Pay the pig? Carl Scott paid $.50 for no name tag, and the Mizzou coach, Ed Musternan paid $.25 for no name tag, Mary Dewey paid $1.00 for her pictures on East Missouri Optimist District Facebook website, and Jerry Sullivan paid $.25 for his picture on East Missouri Optimist District Facebook website.

Don’t forget to enter your name for the new board approved $50 drawing to be done April 3.  Enter your name once for each time you invite a new person to a club activity.  Entry forms are on the table by me. So far there is Kelly Schilling, Rick McKernan and Travis Kempf for the drawing. 

Minutes:  (Ask for any corrections – need motion to approve)

Treasurer’s Report:  little change from last month.  No major income and no funding requests.  About $30,000 to give away.  

Old Business:

Meeting info – The March 13 meeting will be here at noon. Fried Chicken or Ham with pineapple from the Sr. Center is available for order through Ed.   Speaker is our own Mary Dewey.  Her topic, the OI Foundation.   

Committees – Adopt a Spot – Kelly.  There is a city meeting for Adopt-A-Spot leaders on March 16 in the evening.  

Welcome Committee for new members – Kelly – New member application has been received from Tyler Miller. 

Board passed a background check requirement at our last meeting.  We are working on a policy change to address the new requirements.  Anyone who wants a look at the proposed policy change let me know.   

Nominating Committee 


President: Mike Hatchet Board members: Steve Klein

1st VP: Deb Swanegan Mary Dewey Ed Musternan

2nd VP: Still looking Bonnie Yantzi Nadia Ryakmyatullov

Secretary: Phyllis Nichols Adam Bakos

Treasurer: Jack Beard Tony Parisio will step in Adam spot in October

– Ed – Still looking for a 2nd VP candidate and one new Board member.  

Scholarship Committee – Nadia – Deadline is March 17 – Has the readers – she could still use people to present the scholarships at the school assemblies.

Derby info – Rick – date for derby June 11 – race cars take over clubhouse from May 9 until the week after the derby.  Ideas for a meeting space during derby time – let me know.  There will another Zoom meeting coming up soon for the kids. We have ½ of the cars signed up for . 

Youth Event – The Bill of Rights and Jeff City trip. – Rick – likely moved to fall.

Essay Contest – Rick – Results – 38 entries – Topic was “Who is an everyday hero who brings out the best in you” All 3out of 4 clubs in Columbia help read the Essays. There were 3 winners that were sent on one from Sunrise Optimist, one from Kids 1st Optimist and one from Downtown Optimist Club. 

Oratorical Contest – Rick – Deadline to register is March 15.  Contest is Sunday March 19 at the Downtown Optimist Clubhouse.  Viewers welcome.  Topic -“Discovering the optimism in me.”  Come by 2:00 pm to listen to them.

No new info on the repair to the outside wall by Mark Perkins, from Keystone Masonry.   Will be fixed this week.

 Bike Safety – May 20 – Karis Church – Mary C.O Scheffer will be sending out a sign up Genius in the next two weeks.

Deb’s church event – Deb’s church is having a Community Block Party event on either the Saturday, August 26th.  She invited us to have a booth to promote the SBD and the Downtown Optimist Club. No cost to the club.  Approved unanimously

Car show – Mike Russell

Chili Cook Off for members – April 3, evening meeting.  Poker after if anyone is interested.  No speaker. Contestants who bring chili and one guest eat free.  Everyone else $7.  Includes Chili, hot dog, chips, corn bread, drink and dessert.  Winner’s name will be added to the plaque.  Still need someone to head it up.  Larry can you collect money?  Let me know who plans to bring Chili. Larry Fick will be collecting the money

Kids Carnival – Will talk with Big Brothers/ Big Sisters to see if we can work together on a “Kids’ Carnival” behind the clubhouse before school is out.    We plan to host this in Early May 

New Business:

Rick’s wife Susie McKernan was a approved as new member. Dave Murphy made the motion to have her as a new member and Mike Hatchet 2nd the motion. Susie then signed her membership application in front of all the club members. Then our International President Bob McFadyen sorer her in as a new member of the Downtown Optimist Club. She will really become a member after the board approved her at the March 16th board meeting. 

Second Quarter Conference – Reminders – Junior Golf – Qualifier in Ste. Gen June 9 for youth 10-18.  Optimist International Convention, Washington D.C. July 2, 3 & 4.  If Tony is there, give him his Honor Club award.   

Board Meeting topics– March 16 – two funding requests so far.  Boys & Girls Clubs – $5000 and Diamond Council – $1050 (three team sponsorships).  

Will get more info about 501c-3 from Ernie Wren from Ashland at our April meeting.

Dropped members- Deadline to renew was February 28th. We dropped 11 members on that date. Brings total dropped for the year to 19. We’ve got a lot of work to do.

More discussion of the Service Clubs Presidents’ meeting – Proposal to work jointly on a “Blitz Build” for Habitat for Humanity.  They plan to build four houses in 10 days – Sept 18-29. We are committed to 5 workers per day to the project.  

Further discussion about background checks for new members.

Vote on new member – Tyler Miller and Susie McKernan. If any member has an objection to his membership please let a Board member know before the 16th.  

Spring activities – Club Chili Cook Off, Car show and Kids Carnival  

Other clubs’ activities – Hallsville, Cinco de Mayo May 5, taco bar and band:  Kids First, Ham & Bean Dinner and Trivia Night April 1, 5:00 pm, American Legion Post 202; Kiwanis Pancake Day March 25, 7 – noon Dulany Hall, Columbia College, and   Sunrise Optimist Club Trivia Night May 6

Speaker for the Day – Jessica Macey, Coordinated Entry Specialist, Flourish. See attachment about the Flourish. 

Optimist Creed was recited and meeting adjourned at  

Jerry Sullivan, President 


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19 Oratorial Contest at Downtown Optimist Clubhouse20 Club meeting at the Club House at 12:00 pm21 22 23 24 25 Kiwanis Pancake at Columbia College from 7 to 12 pm
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