February 20, 2023 Weekly Newsletter

Downtown Optimist Club of Columbia

In Person Meeting

Monday, February 20, 2023 at the Clubhouse

Meeting began at 12:00 pm

Members in attendance: President Jerry Sullivan, Carl Scott, Kelly Schilling, Mike Hatchett, Mary Dewey, Tony Parision, Deb Swanegan, Red Leighton, Rick McKernan, Larry Fick, and Ken Oster 

Prayer: Larry Fick

Pledge of Allegiance: Tony Parision

Recognize new members and members who are back for the first time in a while:   Tyler Miller has signed up to become a new member. We like to welcome him to our club.

Special Guests: Morgan Dennehy, District Manager, Junior Achievement, Owen and Drew Schilling (Kelly’s Sons), Kelly Schilling friend Tyler Miller and daughter Regan. 

Birthdays/Anniversaries:  Presidents Day – Celebrates George Washington and Ab Lincoln’s combined birthdays.  Created in 1971 by Nixon. Steve Klein club member anniversary will be on February 22 and will be his 18th year with the club.  

Thank you to: Mary Dewey for taking notes and send out the newsletters, Ed Muserman for ordering the food from the Senior Citizen, and Tony for helping set up the Zoom. 

Pay the pig? Carl Scott paid $.50 for his name tag missing and KU not # 1 in the poll they are 4th. Carl also let us know during the Super Bowl fly over before the game was all women Navy Flight team to celebrate the 50 years. Larry Fick paid $.25 for the letting us know that Knight of Columbus Fish Fry this Friday night starting a 4:30 pm at the Knight of  Columbus Hall.

Don’t forget to enter your name for the new board approved $50 drawing to be done April 2.  You enter your name once for each time you invite a new person to a club activity.  Entry forms are on the table by me. Kelly and I are the only entries so far.  

Minutes: There was a few corrections on the minutes that was sent out.

Treasurer’s Report:  little change from last month.  No major income and no funding requests.

Old Business:

Meeting info The February 27 meeting will be here at noon. Fried Chicken or Ham slice with pineapple from the Sr. Center is available for order through Ed.   Speaker is Ashley Spitzer from Habitat for Humanity.

Chili Cook-off Greg Schneider.  Date is this Saturday Feb 25, 2023 at the Holiday Inn Executive Center. Benefits the Boys and Girls Club.  We have two booths reserved. Need help for set up and working the second booth – Derby and Club information.  Besides prizes for chili, there are prizes for best costumes, best booth decorations and most money raised in the “Big Bowl”. Kelly Schilling will help Rick with getting the Soap Box Derby Cars over to the Executive Center on Saturday.  

Second Quarter Conference – Mary – Hilton St Louis Airport – Feb 24 & 25 – At the Conference they will be collecting diapers and toiletries for the Forces for Food, The Palazola Foundation Veterans’ Food Pantry. Also need items for silent auction.  

Committees – Kelly is now the Adopt a Spot chairman.  We have a really good location just north of the country club entrance on Forum.  We just need a planting plan and workers. If you want to help, let Kelly know. 

Welcome Committee for new members – Kelly is heading it with Deb Swanegan and Mary Dewey helping. 

Scholarship Committee – Nadia – Deadline is March 17 – Has the readers she needs – could still use people to present the scholarships at the school assemblies.

Derby info – Rick – date for derby June 11 – race cars take over clubhouse from May 9 until the week after the derby.  Ideas for a meeting space during derby time – let me know. Information on the Soap Box Derby website.    A family who had kids and the grandkids racing has donated 1 thousand to the Derby. We will be out of the clubhouse after May 9th and back after the Soap Box Derby is done in June. 

Youth Event – The Bill of Rights and Jeff City trip. – Rick – likely moved to fall. Deb reported the sessions will end on May 12th By laws will be done on May 31th, Veto will be done on September 13th Need to check with Molly about the 11th grade and school bus.

Essay Contest – Rick – Readers needed.  Deadline is February 24 – Winner’s name must be to the District by February 28.  Topic is “Who is an everyday hero who brings out the best in you” Looking a 1 judge to help read the essay this weekend. If you want to help let Rick know.

Oratorical Contest – Rick – Deadline to register is March 15.  Contest is Sunday March 19 at the Downtown Optimist Clubhouse.  Viewers welcome.  Topic -“Discovering the optimism in me.” This will start at 2:00 pm.

No new info on the repair to the outside wall by Mark Perkins, from Keystone Masonry.  

Background Check for new members will cost $15.00 for each background check

Bike Safety – May 20 – Karis Church – Mary 

New Business 

Board Meeting– No funding requests.  We did receive an email requesting our help with the 2023 Golf Classic.  This is something we helped with in the past that they are restarting.

Discussion to update by-laws.  OI has some recommended changes.  More info needed.

Nominating Committee – Nominated Mike Hatchett to fill vacant First Vice President seat.  Approved unanimously.  Nominated Nadia Ryakmyatullov to fill Mike’s at large Board spot.  Approved unanimously.  Current Board make-up is – Nomination Committee is still looking for a Second VP, Treasurer, and a new at large member for the coming year 

From the Club Presidents’ meeting- Should we set up a 501c-3.  Steve Klein led a discussion on the pros and cons.  No decision.  Will get more info from Ashland Club.  They have one set up.

Also, from the club Presidents’ meeting – Should we do background checks on new members through OI?  Cost is $15 per check.  Motion made to do background checks on future members.  Passed with one dissenting vote.  Need procedure to follow ASAP.

From the Service Clubs Presidents’ meeting – Proposal to work jointly on a “Blitz Build” for Habitat for Humanity.  They plan to build four houses in 10 days Sept 18 – 29.  They will need 120 workers per day.  Motion made to commit 5 workers per day to the project.  Passed unanimously.  

Discussion of developing a common web page and calendar for all the clubs. May happen as a result of an electronic information board at the airport.  Next meeting of this group is May 3 at the clubhouse.   

Deb’s church event – Deb’s church is having a community event on either the 19 or 26 of August.  She invited us to have a booth to promote the SBD and the Downtown Optimist Club. No cost to the club.  Approved unanimously.   With Soap Box Derby Cars 

Discussed other winter /spring activities.  Still considering a car show – need info from Mike Russel.  Plan to do a chili cook off in late March at the Club House (looking for someone to chair).  Will talk with Big Brothers/ Big Sisters to see if we can work together on a “Kids’ Carnival” behind the clubhouse before school is out. Unfortunately ax throwing was defeated.    

Other clubs’ activities – Hallsville, Cinco de Mayo May 5, taco bar and band:  Midway – Cinderella’s Closet, March 3, 4 & 5, Kids First, Chili Cook Off Feb 25, Kiwanis Pancake day is Saturday, March 25 at Columbia College, Ashland Optimist Club Meet the International President on Sunday March 5th at 4 pm at the Ashland Optimist Club House. 

Speaker for the Day –Morgan Dennehy, District Manager, Junior Achievement 

Optimist Creed was recited and meeting adjourned at  

Jerry Sullivan, President 



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