February 6, 2023 Weekly Newsletter

Downtown Optimist Club of Columbia

In Person Meeting

Monday, February 6th  at the Clubhouse

Meeting began at 12:00 pm

Prayer: Larry Fick

Pledge of Allegiance: Deb Swanegen

Members in attendance: Red Leighton, Rick McKernan, Deb Swanegen, President Jerry Sullivan,Tony Pariso Kelly Schilling/Loki  Carl Scott, C.O. Scheffer, Nadia Ryakmyatullov, Ed Musterman, and  Ken Oster

Recognize new members and members who are back foe the first time in a while: Welcome back Nadia Ryakmyatullov

Special Guests:  Kelly Schilling friend Tyler Miller and daughter Regan, Adam Brietzke from Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and Carolyn Magunson a retired educator from Lincoln University a guest of Rick McKernan

Birthdays/Anniversaries: Club members anniversaries Jerry Sullivan 2/6/2019 and Alena Ryahmyatullov

Thank you to: Deb Swangen for note taking, Tony Pariso for helping with the set up and Ed Musterman for ordering and picking up the lunches.

Pay the pig?  (25 cents for missing names badges is in effect) Carl for KU loss and NO name badge.

Don’t forget to enter your name for the new board approved $50 drawing to be done on April 12th. Enter your name once for each time you invite a new person to a club activity. Entry forms are on the table by Jerry.

Minutes” (Ask for any corrections – Approved as presented)

Treasurer’s Report: No new report. Jerry has copy of the most recent full treasurer’s report here for anyone who wants to review it.    

Old Business:

Meeting info – All meetings until Derby time will be at the clubhouse.  The February 13th meeting will be here at the clubhouse at 12:00pm. Fried Chicken or Hamburger from the Senior Citizen Center is available for order through Ed Musterman. Speaker is De’Vion Moore the Asst. Supt. Elementary Education from the Columbia Public School.

Chili Cook-off – We have a chief cook – Greg Schneider.  Date is Feb 25, 2023 at the Holiday Inn Executive Center.  We have two booths reserved. Need help for the second booth- Derby and Club Information.

Second Quarter Conference Mary – Hilton St Louis Airport – Feb 24&25 – I have registration forms. Early registration deadline Feb 2 has passed. At the Conference they will be collecting diapers for the Forces for the Food, The Palazola Foundation Veteran’s Food Pantry.  Looking for item for Silent Auction and please sign up for Dime A Day.

Committees:  Kelly is now the Adopt a spot chairman. We have really good location. We just need a planting plan and workers. This activity costs the club nothing but time. Plants and mulch are provided If you want to help, let Kelly know. She plans a clean up for the spot sometime in April.

Welcome Committee:  Kelly is also going to welcome new members and make sure they get the information he/she needs as well as follow up contact to keep them apprised of up coming activities. She will also insure that they get a club shirt or hat.

Publicity – Nothing new on the U of MO School of Journalism students. They are to help us design a marketing plan improve our publicity and increase membership.

Board Meeting Report:  Next Board meeting will be February 15th at the clubhouse at 6:00 pm.

Scholarship Committee– Nadia- March 17 deadline- Kelly, Deb and Carl volunteered to help with the reading and Kelly volunteered to present to winner their scholarship.

Derby information – Rick – Zoom meeting for participants February 7th 

There are 24 participants signed up so far.

Car Show info– Mike R- nothing new

Youth event – Bill of Right and Jefferson City Trip – Rick – date and help needed

Essay Contest – Rick-deadline February 24th.  Topic is “Who is an everyday hero who brings out the best in you?” He needs readers. Winner must be sent to District by February 28th

Oratorical Contest– Rick- deadline to register by March 15th – Contest is Sunday, March 19th at the Sunrise Optimist Clubhouse. Viewers are Welcome to come topic is “Discovering the Optimism in me.”

Board President’s Meeting: Jerry talked about that we should we have a 501c3, should we do background checks on new members, recheck by laws to be sure they include OI changes. Upcoming activities for other clubs: Hallsville is having a Cinco de Mayo taco bar and band on May 5th at their clubhouse, Midway- Cinderella’s Closet in March 3-5, Kids 1st will be having a Ham and Bean Dinner with Trivia on April 1st at the American Legion which will benefit Cedar Creek Therapy Riding Club, Chili Cook Off on February 25 to benefit Ronald McDonald House.

Bike Safety- May 20 at Karis Church from 9:30 to 11:30. Mary will be asking for volunteer to help with this event.

Service Clubs Meeting:  Rick Celebrate Community Group- Service club leaders to meet at the clubhouse on February 9th at 7:00 pm to discuss a group project for this year. Like a Habitat Project.

Membership:  The Board is considering an activity for this spring that combines a social activity with a friendly competition and a cheap lunch. The set up would be something like this: Three competitions – ax throwing, corn hole and horseshoes or any other events we can come up with. A hot dog/hamburger lunch with chips and a drink. Cost will be $10.00 entry fee covers meal and entry of all 3 contest. $50 prizes for each contest winner. Free entry for guests of members who are prospective members. This is still in the early planning stage. Would be interested in members’ ideas and thoughts. If we decide to try this we will pick a date and outline help needed at the next Board meeting.

New Business

Other activities proposed between now and Derby time: We are starting to discuss the possibility of a free Kids Carnival be behind the clubhouse in April or May. Games for the kids and hot dogs lunch. Same as with Adults games, if we deicide to do this, a date, activities and help needed with be decided at the next board meeting. Thoughts about this idea are welcome,

Special Guest:  Adam Brietzke, Marketing & Development Director from Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Optimist Creed was recited and meeting adjourned at  1:00 pm  by Ed Musterman

Jerry Sullivan, President



Downtown Optimist Club

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