January 9, 2023 Weekly Newsletter

Downtown Optimist Club of Columbia

Zoom/In Person Meeting Newsletter

Monday, January 9th, 2023

Meeting began at 12:01 pm

Members attend in person President Jerry Sullivan, Tony Pariso, Rick McKernan, Larry Fick, Red Leighton, Ken Oster, Jim Murphy, Ed Musterman, Jake Jolly, Carl Scott, Mary Dewey, Pat Brown and Mike Hachett

Our speaker and special guest: Mike Harvey, Douglass Baseball Athletic Association 

Prayer: Rick McKernan

Pledge of Allegiance: Jake Jolly

Birthday/Anniversary: Jake Jolly Birthday was on January 6 and Carl Scott Birthday was on January 10. He will be 70 years old.

Paying the Pig: Carl paid “$.70 for his birthday and a $.25 for his no name tag)

Koeze Nut information: Steve Winter wants to Thank everyone who works on Koeze Nuts and gift card sales. Make sure you get all your money turned in so we can get a final total on what we sold.

 Tree Lot: Jim Murphy said “There is a work day this Saturday, January 14th at 9:00 am” We will be putting the drills up and the tree stand back under the shelter. It will only take a hour if we have the man power. Please sign up on the Genius that C.O. sent out so we know who is coming for work day.

Dues for the year: Pay your dues. Dues are $97.00 for regular members $56.00 for Lifetime members. Dues must be paid by March 1 to avoid being dropped from membership. 

Meeting Information: All meetings until Soapbox Derby time will be at the clubhouse. January 23th meeting will be an evening meeting with Poker Night to follow after. Bring your own dinner and snacks to share for the Poker Night. Guests are welcome to join us that evening. Playing for bragging right only

Membership: The board has set a goal of 12 new members for 2022-2023. There are applications are by the door of the clubhouse and by the copy machine if you need any extra. Remember your spouse can to join we really would love to see them join the club too.

Committees were in the newsletter recently. We still need someone to chair the Chili Cook-off, (Checking with Greg) and two new committees – the New Member Welcome and the Adopt-A-Spot committees. And we still need people to co-chair the Tree Lot and Koeze Nut committees. Get involved.

Boys and Girls Club Chili Cook Off:  Greg Schneider will be a chief cook for this event.  Will take place at Holiday Inn Executive Center on Saturday, February 25, 2023. We will have 2 booths at this event one for the chili making and other one is for the Soap Box Derby Car.

We had a donation of $2000 has been made to our club to be used for a youth program or programs for the kids. If you have an idea please let Jerry know.

Shirts and Hats: We are planning to order more shirts and hats in the future. We need 12 shirts before we can order please let Mary Dewey know (573) 808-1120 if you would like a shirt or a hat.

Secord Qtr. East Missouri Optimist District will be on Friday, February 24 and Saturday, February 25 at the Hilton St. Louis Airport Hotel. Please let Jerry know if you would like to go the club will pay for your registration.

Board Meeting: Board Meeting will be on January 18th at the Clubhouse at 6:00 pm. Feel free to attend. No Funding request at this time. We will be talking about the Nominating Committee. (If you would like be on the Board or an Officer please let Jerry know.) How to increase publicity for what we do (winter activities programs, How to increase membership and social activities and Miscellaneous club business.)?

Dime a Day – Mary – Explain what it is and how the money is used. A form was sent out with the last newsletter and will be sent again. A fundraiser for OI.

Guest Speaker: Mike Harvey from Douglass Athletic Association 

Attachment: What Mike talked about that day?

Optimist Creed was recited at 1:00 pm

Meeting adjourned at 1:01 pm 

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