January 23, 2023 Weekly Newsletter

Downtown Optimist Club of Columbia

In Person Meeting

Monday, January 23, 2023 at the Clubhouse

Meeting began at 6:00 pm

Prayer: Larry Fick

Pledge of Allegiance: Marc Dooth

Members in attendance: Red and Dorcas Leighton, Rick and Susan McKernan, Charlie and Bonnie Langreder, Deb and Odie Swangen, President Jerry Sullivan, Larry Fick, Tony Pariso Kelly Schilling, Richard (Marc) Dooth, and Carl Scott.  Zoom: Mary Dewey and Scott Stager 

Thank you to: Joan for dinner, Sue Musterman for dessert

Special Guests:  Bonnie Langreder, Dorcas Leighton, Susan McKernan, Odie Swangen,

Birthdays/Anniversaries: N/A

Pay the pig?  Charlie paid $.25 for no name bandage, Carl paid $.50 KU lost on Saturday, and no name bandage, and Rick paid $.75 for be proud to be a Jayhawk.

Treasurer’s Report:     2022 2021

Tree lot sales     $100,171.04         $96,409.51

Tree expenses $69,556.38                               $62,856.30

              Hired Workers      $6,649.29                                 $4,261.52

                      Net Total     $23,965.37                               $29,291.69

Even though we had more gross sales than last year, we made less money because of the higher cost of trees and additional hired workers.

Koeze nut, gift cards and Amish candy

  Sales           $104,232.65                            $95,878.86      

                    Expenses       $65,338.09 $65,672.45

                       Net Total     $38,894.56       $ 30,206.46

Net Amish candy sales were down about $150.  Koeze nut sales were up $2654.54.  Gift card sales were up $5875.  What made the biggest difference was that Koeze nut costs were down by $4511.48.  

Old Business:

Koeze Nut info: – Steve W. – Thank you and all who worked on Koeze nut and gift cards.

Tree lot:  Work is done for another year.  Thanks to all who worked on any part of it

Meeting info – All meetings until Derby time will be at the clubhouse.  January 30 meeting here at noon. Fried Chicken from Sr. Center available for order.  Speaker is Andrew Grabau from the United Way presenting “Reading Across America”.

Chili Cook-off – We have a chief cook – Greg Schneider.  Date is Feb 25, 2023 at the Holiday Inn Executive Center.  We have two booths reserved. 

Second Quarter Conference Mary – Hilton St Louis Airport – Feb 24&25 – I have registration forms. Early registration deadline Feb 2.  Club will pay conference fee for members.  Looking for item for Silent Auction and please sign up for Dime A Day.

Committees Leaders – I’m pleased to announce that the following people have agreed to continue their committee leadership for next year.  Jim Murphy – tree lot (looking for an assistant).  Steve Winters – Koeze nuts/gift cards (looking for an assistant).  C.O. Scheffer – tree ordering and tree lot workers.  Tony Parisio will handle Awards and Achievements data entry for District. Need more people to step up for other committees.

Membership:  The Board has set a goal of 12 new members for 22-23. There are applications by the door of the clubhouse and by the copy machine if you need extra. If your spouse wants to join, we’d be glad to have him/her as a member. 

Publicity – U of MO School of Journalism has agreed to provide a few students from an advertising/marketing program to help us plan to improve our publicity and increase membership. Students who will work with us should be selected in the next two weeks.  

New Business

Board Meeting report – Board was held January18 at 6:00 pm.  The following business was addressed:

Rick McKernan requested $1000 for the Soap Box Derby.  Approved unanimously.  

First Vice President, Nadia Ryakhmyatullov, submitted a letter resigning her position on the board effective immediately. She will continue to head the Scholarship Committee.   

Daniel Abraham agreed to step down from the board as his business requirements currently do not allow him time to attend the board meetings.

Mary Dewey was nominated to fill the spot vacated by Daniel Abraham.  Approved unanimously.   

Repair to the outside wall on the north east corner of the building should be completed in the next two weeks.  Mark Perkins, from Keystone Masonry, has agreed to do the repair for free because of all the good DTOC does in the community.  In appreciation for his work the club will give him some Koeze nuts (previously approved).  The board also approved offering him or one of his crew a free membership to the club for the rest of this club year.  

The club has received a donation of $2000 to be used for an activity for youth.  The board decided to fund a trip to Jefferson City for a Capital tour for a group of about 15 students.  Participants will be selected based on their participation in an event similar to the Geo-cashing event we did last year.  The plans are being developed but the focus of the event will be the Bill of Rights.  Rick McKernan is working on the event.  We will need chaperones, event workers, people to arrange the tour, meal planning, etc.  Let Jerry know if you want to be involved.   

The board discussed other possible winter/spring activities.  It was decided to explore putting on a Car Show.  Mike Russel, who is a member of both DTO and the Old Wheels Car Club will explore that possibility.  

Nominating Committee:  New officers and additions to the board need to be in place by April so the names can be submitted to OI by May.  New officer nominations must be announced to the membership at three regular meetings before they are voted on.  A Nominating Committee was appointed.  ED Musterman is the Chairman. Steve Klein and Phyllis Nichols are committee members.   

Shirts and hats – The board approved $300 for the President to use for shirts or hats to give to new members.  

In order to improve membership, the board approved a $50 quarterly prize.  The winner of the prize will be drawn at the next meeting following the end of each quarter (first drawing will be April 3rd). To be entered in the drawing you must invite someone to attend a DTO event or meeting. For each person you invite you will be allowed one entry.  If you invite six people you get to enter your name six times. Entry forms will be available at each meeting starting next meeting. 

Jack mentioned that 13 members have yet to submit their dues for the year.  Board members will make personal contact with those members if they are still outstanding as of next board meeting.

Celebrate for Life for Butch Brauner will be on Saturday, January 28 from 1 to 4 pm at the VFW Hall in Fulton. 

Our Guest Speaker: Deb Swangen, talk to us about their trip to Italy

Optimist Creed was recited and meeting adjourned at  

Jerry Sullivan, President 



Downtown Optimist Club 

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