October 24, 2022 Weekly Newsletter

Downtown Optimist Club of Columbia

Zoom/In Person Meeting Newsletter

Monday, October 24, 2022 at Shakespeare’s Pizza South

Meeting began at 6:01 pm

Members attend in person President Jerry Sullivan, Tony Pariso, Rick McKernan, Larry Fick and wife Paulette, Steve Klein and his wife Marion, Charlie Langreder and his wife Bonnie, Mike Russell, Ed Musterman and wife Sue, Steve Winter and his wife Reng and Daughter Becca. 

On Zoom: Nadia Ryakmyatullov, Alena Ryakmyatullov, and Mary Dewey

Our speaker and special guest: Cody Cox from Coyote Hill

Prayer: Rick McKernan

Pledge of Allegiance: Larry Fick

Birthday/Anniversary: that I can remember birthday or anniversary  

Paying the Pig;

1st Qtr. East Missouri Optimist District meeting: Will be on this Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29 here is Columbia, MO at the Country Yard Marriot Hotel off of Hwy 63 and Grindstone Exist. The club will pay for the conference fee for any members who wat to attend. Member who have currently sign up are Deb Swanegan, Jerry Sullvin, Tony Pariso, Ken Oster, Carl Scott, Red Leighton, Ed Musterman, Mary Dewey and Rick Mckernan (LTG). Cost is $70.00

 Zone 2 and 3 are in charge of the hospitality room for Friday night. Mary Dewey has that covered. 

The club members made bowls out clay for the center pieces and the money will go to the OI Foundation, Children Cancer and Children Fitness and Wellness.  Thanks to Deb, Ken and Mary for helping with the bowls.

Mary Dewey is working collecting items for the Silent Auction. Please let her know that you have anything for the auction or bring when you come to the conference.

Carl Scott is setting up a food bank drive during the conference which is our Peanut Butter Drive bring to the club house or to the conference. The top club who brings the most peanut butter will winner a prize.

Koeze Nut information: Steve Winter and Ed Harre say “Keep Selling order are during Monday, November 7th.”

Tree Lot: Jim Murphy unloading and drill of the tree will begin on Saturday, November 12th We will have both the baseball and softball teams from Mizzou to help on Saturday, November 12th. We will club members to help letting them know where to the right place to put the trees that they are unloading. 

Adopt A Spot: Mary and I. We need a chairperson to volunteer before we sign up. We are looking for a different spot that will be safer.

Dues for this year – The Board voted to increase dues by $15 this year. This was needed because OI increased their dues by $15. Dues will now be $97.00 for regular members $56.00 for Lifetime members. You should have already received a bill. If not, check the address list to be sure yours is correct.

New Business:

Meeting locations for the rest of the year –

The meeting October 31 is a noon meeting and will also be at Shakespeare’s South. Since Koeze nuts and tree lot activities will occupy the Clubhouse from now to the end of the year, all meetings will be at a different location thru December. Meeting locations and times are

· October 31 – noon – Shakespeare’s South

· November 7 – noon Shakespeare’s South

· November 14 – noon – Clubhouse – OI President visiting – would like to see a crowd

· November 21 – EVENING MEETING 6:00 pm – Shakespeare’s South – Nadia in charge.

· November 28 – noon – Angelo’s – Nadia in charge – TY to Ken’s wife for suggesting Angelo’s

· December 5 – noon – Angelo’s

· December 12 – noon – Clubhouse

· December 19 – 6:00 – Clubhouse – Christmas Dinner

· First meeting of the new year will be January 9 at the Clubhouse

Committees were in the newsletter recently. We still need someone to chair the Chili Cook-off, and two new committees – the New Member Welcome and the Adopt-A-Spot committees. And we still need people to co-chair the Tree Lot and Koeze Nut committees. Get involved.

Board meeting –

Awarded $800 to Diamond Council for baseball programs.

Approved outside wall repair – received two bids – one for $4000. The other from Keystone Masonry for free. Mark Perkins told me that in return for the good we do in the community he will donate materials and labor. Board will offer him a free membership and some Koeze nuts as a TY. His number is 819-5815.

Approved a Wall of Honor procedure to nominate additional members to the Wall but it needs a minor change before making it final.

Approved three housekeeping items regarding funding club needs under $300. (handout)

Decided to make December 19 meeting a Christmas dinner.

Board meetings are scheduled for November 17 (Nadia in charge), and, if needed, December 21. All Board meetings will be at the Clubhouse at 6:00 pm. December’s meeting will likely be cancelled unless urgent business comes up. Any member is welcome to attend.

Membership: The goal for the year is to end up with 72 members. If we lose six (which is likely) we’ll need to gain 12 to reach that goal. Surely, we can add a member a month. Keep an application handy. There is a box of them by the copier at the Clubhouse.

Dime a Day – Mary – Explain what it is and how the money is used. A form was sent out with the last newsletter and will be sent again. A fundraiser for OI.

Communication – me – there are some members who don’t have an email listed. They need to be called about future meetings. (Send around updated membership list for corrections)

Check your info – I’m sending around a membership list. Please check to see that your information is accurate. If not, please update it on the list. I’ll send your corrected info to OI.

Guest Speaker: Cody Cox from the Coyote Hill (see attachment about Coyote Hill)

Optimist Creed was recited at 7:00 pm

Meeting adjourned at 7:01 pm

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