October 10, 2022 Weekly Newsletter

Downtown Optimist Club of Columbia
Zoom/In Person Meeting Newsletter

Monday, October 10, 2022 at Downtown Optimist Clubhouse

Meeting began at 12:01 pm

Members attend in person President Jerry Sullivan, Tony Pariso, Rick McKernan, Larry Fick,
Steve Klein, James Murphy, Mike Hackett, Carl Scott, C.O. Scheffer, Ken Oster, Deb
Swanegan, Ed Musterman, Paul Hinshaw, Red Leighton, Jake Jolly, and Mary Dewey. Special
Guest: Ray Hall from Redi (Minority Business Coordinator and founder of the Dream Tree
Prayer: Deb Swanegan
Pledge of Allegiance: Mary Dewey
Welcome back Red Leighton and Paul Hinshaw
Birthday/Anniversary: Larry’s wife 80 th Birthday today
Paying the Pig: Carl Scott, James Murphy and Deb Swanegan all paid $.25 for not having their
name tag on at today’s meeting. Carl Scott paid $.50 for Mizzou Football wishing them luck on
the rest of their season.
Starting October 10 if you don’t have your name tag on you will have to pay a $.25.
Please send him card wish him a speedy recovery. His address is
Red Leigthon
24 Springer Dr
Columbia, MO 65201
1st qtr. East Missouri Optimist District meeting will on October 28 through Saturday,
October 29 in Columbia, Missouri at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel of AC Exist. Please let Tony
know if you want to go to the conference. It was a great conference learned a lot about
leadership. It will be great to see everyone there since here in Columbia and not much traveling
or hotel room. We are in charged of the food for the hospitalize room on Friday night. Deb will
need help with making bowls for the conference table decoration that will also me auction off at

Page 2 of 2 October 10, 2022

Bringing Out The Best In Kids Since 1936

the end of the conference for fundraiser for Children Cancer. Club will pay conference fee for
member who want to attend up now to save the Club $10.00 on registration fee. Price will go up
on October 8. We also doing a peanut butter drive during the conference. Please start bring
in your jars of Peanut butters.
Mary is looking for items for the Silent Action if you have anything you would like to donate
please bring them to her at the meeting. Mary also let us know that Zone 2 and 3 are in charge
of the hospitality room on Friday night at the East Missouri Optimist District Meeting.
Deb still needed help with making bowls for the conference tables and will be auction off for
Children’s Cancer. Thanks to Ken and Mary we finish them all off on Friday, September 30.
James Murphy wants to thank the following club members who came out Saturday to help
move the tree stands. There are Jack Cruise, Pat Brown, Adam Bakos, and Tony Pariso. The
discovered that the plug wasn’t working on the pole when they plugged in the drill to check
them out. Carl is going to come over and check to see if any of the lights are out before we call
Withrow Electric to fix the plug on the pole.
Deb Swanegan talked about the JIO Club. We are talking to Douglass High School on Monday
about starting a JIO club there for their students. We now have a JIO Club. Mary and Deb will
be talking to the youth during lunch break after she gets back into town.
Steve Winter will talk to us more about the Koeze Nuts when he get back from being
deployed to Florida to help with MO Task Force. He is coming back Wednesday, October
12 th by noon. Keep selling first order is due Monday, October 17 th .
Adopt a Spot: Mary and Jerry are looking at the Stephen Lake spot.
Dues for this year: The board voted to increase dues by $15.00 this year. This was needed
because OI increased their due $15.00. Dues will now be $97.00 and Lifetime members will be
Still trying to get rid of some stuff we don’t need. Small round table, 3 old metal desk (free),
and several 8’ wooden folding tables. Members get first bids at a bargain price.
The meeting for October 24 will be an evening meeting at 6:00 pm at the Southside
Shakespeare. They are not charging us for the space so members please make sure to order
dinner. Then the next two weeks are still at the Clubhouse.
Since Koezy nuts and tree lot activities will occupy the Clubhouse from October 24 to the end
of the year, all meetings will be at a different location thru December. The meeting for October
31 will be at Shakespears South at noon.

Page 3 of 2 October 10, 2022

Bringing Out The Best In Kids Since 1936

Tentative Plans for meetings the rest of the year are: November: All meetings are at the Food
Bank at noon. Dates are Nov. 7, 14, and 28. Meals will still come from the Senior Center.
December: All meetings will be at noon at the Boys and Girls Club. Dates are Dec. 5, 12, and

  1. Meals will still come from the Senior Center. No meeting December 26 or January 2.
    Board meetings are scheduled for October 20, November 16, and, if needed, December 21. All
    Board meetings will be at the Clubhouse at 6:00 pm. Any member is welcome to attend.
    Board members are Tony (Past President), Jerry (President), Nadia, Deb, Jack Beard
    (Treasurer), Phyllis Nichols (Secretary) , Bonnie Yantzi, Adam Bakos, Mike Hatchett, Ed
    Musterman, Daniel Abraham, and Steve Klein.

Membership: The Board will be setting a goal for new members at our October meeting. One
way to increase memberships to contact former members who are still in the area to see if they
may want to rejoin the Club. If you know someone who has let their membership lapse, please
newsletter. If you contact on of them, please let me know the result.
Committee List: Coming out soon. If you aren’t part f a committee, you should be. If you are
interested chairing a committee, let me know which one. Some people currently in charge of a
committee are looking for co-chair. Get involved.
Guest Speaker: Ray Hall from Redi (Minority Business Coordinator and founder of the Dream
Tree Academy. See attachment on more information about Dream Tree Academy.

Optimist Creed was recited at 12:45 pm
Meeting adjourned at 12:48 pm

Jerry Sullivan: President

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