September 19, 2022 Weekly Newsletter

Downtown Optimist Club of Columbia

Zoom/In Person Meeting Newsletter

Monday, September 19, 2022 at Downtown Optimist Clubhouse

Meeting began at 12:01 pm

Members attend in person President Tony Pariso, Jerry Sullivan, Rick McKernan, Larry Fick, Steve Klein, James Murphy, Mike Hackett, Carl Scott, C.O. Scheffer, Ken Oster, Deb Swanegan, Travis Kempf, Steve Winter, Pat Brown, Ed Musterman, Kelly Schilling and Loki and Mary Dewey. Special Guest: Lauren Dell 2021-2022 East Missouri Governor and her granddaughter Maddie, and Ernie Wern 2022-2023 East Missouri Governor

Prayer: Pat Brown

Pledge of Allegiance: James Murphy

Birthday/Anniversary: N/A

Tony talked about the board meeting that was held on Thursday, September 15. We had two funding request which was CYBA League who asked for $800.00. $500 for scholarships and $300 for the sponsor of two basketball teams. It was approved. The next funding request was the Food Bank who was asking for $5000,00. It was approved the money will go for the buddy packs. 

We also are looking into Adopt a spot in Columbia which is Beautification spots. Leigh Kottwitz is helping me with this project.

We have a new member who was add and his name is Mark Oseth. We have now earned Honor Club. Way to go Tony and Club Members.

Bike Safety Rodeo will be at the Northeast Regional Park (old fairground) inside on Saturday, August 24 from 9:30 to 11:30 am. Please there at 8:30 to up set up.

1st qtr. East Missouri Optimist District meeting will on October 28 through Saturday, October 29 in Columbia, Missouri at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel of AC Exist. Please let Tony know if you want to go to the conference. It was a great conference learned a lot about leadership. It will be great to see everyone there since here in Columbia and not much traveling or hotel room.

Family Fun Fest will this Wednesday, September 21th at Albert Memorial Oakland Park from 6 to 8 pm the last one of the year.

Jim Murphy talked about the Tree lot. On Saturday, October 8 there will the day we will place all the tree stands where they need to go and get the drills out to make sure they are working correctly. This will begin at 8:30 AM and will only take an hour if we have enough people.

Rick gave us an update on Red Leighton. He was visiting his son in Mississippi. On his way back he stayed at his daughter house in Warrensburg. On the way back home he wasn’t looking that well so they went straight to VA hospital.  On his way home around 1:05 pm they stopped by the club house to get his award from the East Missouri Optimist Conversation that was held in August. He won the Outstanding Veteran Optimist Club and his a picture of him with is award.

Carl Scott let us know about the Senior Citizen garage sale that will take place this Friday and Saturday. Also, about the Hoot Nanny event that will take place with Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture. This is their big fundraiser of the year.

Guest Speakers:  Leigh Kottwitz from City of Columbia, Youth in Action

Youth in Action is a summer volunteer program aimed at kids ages 12-15. The program is an activity of the City of Columbia’s Volunteer Programs. Youth in Action is an exciting way for kids to contribute to their community this summer, make new friends, and learn new skills! Youth in Action volunteers will have an opportunity to help with a number of activities for the City of Columbia and other community agencies. Volunteers will also get to take a closer look at their local government and learn more about their community. City of Columbia staff will organize volunteer activities throughout the summer and invite Youth In Action volunteers to help out. There will be 30-35 volunteer opportunities for youth. YIA volunteers are invited to participate as their schedule allows and can help with one or several of the opportunities! Activities will be held on weekdays and weekends at a variety of times. Youth volunteers will be supervised by City of Columbia Volunteer Programs staff.

What are the benefits of volunteering with Youth In Action?

Do something great with your extra time during the summer

Work alongside other youth that share your interests

Learn more about your community

Do something important for others and your town

Gain new skills

Get experience you can put on your resume

Make new friends

Have fun!

What type of volunteer projects will be included in YIA?

There will be a wide range of volunteer projects both for the City of Columbia and for other community agencies. There may be some volunteer activities associated with a special event or festival. There will be mix of indoor and outdoor activities as well as activities on weekdays and weekends. Participants will be able to choose the activities they are involved in based on their interests and schedule. Check out our updated Activities List posted below. For details concerning projects, contact Volunteer Programs.

Place they work at during the summer:

Household Hazardous Waste 1st and 3th Saturday of each month from 10 am to 12 pm. They will be sorting paint out by colors. First, they have to make sure it still got life in it.

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture – 1-4 p.m. Picking the vegetables

Food Bank – 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. 2101 Vandiver Drive

Family Fun Fest– 5:30 – 8:15 p.m.

Ronald McDonald House- (tentative!) Family Meal, 4-6:30 p.m. 4 to 5 volunteers

They also repainted the picnic tables and trash cans at Twin Lake Park

They also help cut down honey suckles from one of the parks where they had a hotdogs afterwards.

This free for the kids. They only pay the adult intern who is a college student.

Younger kids can help with some of these volunteer place as long as their parent is with them.

Optimist Creed was recited at 12:45 pm

Meeting adjourned at 12:48 pm

Tony Pariso: President              


Picture of some of the youth volunteers at one of the Family Fun Fest

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