September 12, 2022 Weekly Newsletter

Downtown Optimist Weekly Meeting, September 12, 2022

Members present: Deb, Red, Kyle (Red’s grandson!), Tony, Mike,
Pat, Rick, Jerry, Ed, Larry, Travis, C.O., Ken, Steve, Karl, Kelly and her
pup, Loki, and Ben and Kevin, our speakers.

Meeting started: 12 noon

Invocation: Rick Pledge: Travis

Tony opened the meeting, and Red introduced his grandson
from Pennsylvania. Kelly introduced her service dog trainee Loki,
and gave us a description of his work. Tony gave Red a beautiful
framed copy of the Columbia Missourian article about his service, and
recognition to our club. Tony also read a letter for Red from our
mayor, Barbara Buffaloe.
The group discussed the civic service project last weekend,
September 10, 2022, that involved sixty-eight people representing
fifteen community groups. Optimists mentioned in the Columbia
Tribune, and other publications, had to pay the pig!
Tony mentioned needing volunteers for Fun Fest, and the Bike
Safety workshop. Karl proposed a food drive activity for our district
meeting. Pictures are below.
Our guest speakers gave us a history of how Rockbridge Memorial
State Park came to be organized, discussion of key sites in the park,
and some discussion about fun programs and activities for our youth,
and families. There were ideas given as to how we could help with
park projects in the future. Our two speakers were given the special
“thank you” gift at the end of the meeting presentation.

Recitation of the Optimist Creed, and meeting adjourned at 12:53 PM

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