01.10.2022 Weekly Bulletin

Downtown Optimist Club of Columbia

Zoom/In Person Meeting Newsletter

Monday, January 10, 2022 at the Clubhouse

Members attend in person: President Tony Parisio, Jerry Sullivan, Rick McKernan, Red Leighton, Larry Fick, John Jones, Deb Swanegan, Charlie Langreder, Steve Klien, Jim Murphy, and Mary Dewey and By zoom Corey Koch

Prayer- Deb Swanegan and Pledge – John Jones

Birthday/Anniversary:  Bonnie Langreder birthday was on January 8th. John Jone 1 year Anniversary today when he moved to Columbia, MO, started his new job at Simon Bank, and found the Downtown Optimist Club.

Jim Murphy and Tony Parision thanked everyone who came out on Saturday, January 8th to clean up the tree lot (putting the tree stand back and drills up). The following members came out to help that day: Steve Winter, Tony Parision, Rick McKernan, Mike Hackett, Adam Bakos, C.O. Scheffer, and Jim Murphy.

Tony Parisio let us all know that we raise over a Thousand dollars for Nadia Ryakmyatullov a club member who has Cancer. She has gone through two survey and chemo. She was every speechless for the money which will help with family for bills and other things the family needs. She will start back full-time last week. She even help at the tree lot when we need help cashier.

Mary Dewey let everyone know that 2nd quarter conference will be in St. Charles on Friday, February 25 and Saturday, February 26 at the Embassy Suites. There will be a chicken wing contest on Friday night to raise money for the OI Foundation. More detail to come.

Rick McKernan let us know that the Oratorical and Essay contest will be take place by the end of February or first of March. All the Optimist Club in Columbia will be helping with this event. Deb Swanegan has volunteered to help Rick in finding students to take place in these two contest. We know that Father Tolton High has some students in Jennifer Blacks class who will taking part again this year.

Deb Swanegan and Mary Dewey will be going to the CPS Art Chair soon to talk to them about the elementary school visual art contest. This is a contest for students who are the under the age 11 years old who love to paint and draw. Their theme is “Optimism “ 

We talked about different place to meet for our meeting on Monday. The board decided last month to have our club meeting at the clubhouse. By doing that we will be saving money that, we can give out to the youth in the community. We had move come over to the Senior Citizen where club members can get a meal that we did Monday at the clubhouse. 

Saturday, January 8th started CYBA games. We sponsored 2 teams again this year. When, I get the younger kids basketballs schedule I will share with you all what time our teams play. All the games will be played at the Columbia Parks and Recreation Sports Fieldhouse. 

The boys and girls club chili contest will be held on Saturday, March 5 at the Holiday Inn Executive Center. Scott Stager will not be chair for this event this year to COVID-19 and his health. Therefore, we are looking for a new person to take over the chili contest this year if you are inserted please let me or Tony know so we can let you know what you need to do.

Our speaker didn’t make it in today.

Closed with the Optimist Creed by Jerry Sullivan.

Meeting end at 1:00 pm

Tony Parisio – President                                              iMagineimage20

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