12.06.2021 Weekly Bulletin

Downtown Optimist Club of Columbia

Zoom/In Person Meeting Newsletter

Monday, December 6, 2021

at Senior Citizen Center

Members attend in person: President Tony Parisio, Jerry Sullivan, Rick McKernan, Carl Scott, Red Leighton, Steve Winter, Charlie Langreder, Ken Oster, Mike Hatchett, Mike Russell and Deb Swanegan By zoom Scott Stager and John Jones, and our special guest were Bonnie Langreder

Prayer- Deb Swanegan and Pledge – Jerry Sullivan

Birthday/Anniversary: N/A

Steve Winter talked about the Koeze Nuts:

Christmas Trees:

Tony like to thank everyone who worked this weekend at the Christmas tree lot. Tony let us know that we were up to $100,000 worth of sale so far for the tree lot. There were only 92 tree lefts.

We talked about the Christmas Luncheon, which will at the clubhouse on December 20th. We will have HyVee Catering. Cost will be $10.00 to $12.00 a person that without checking with HyVee.

Played a fun game of matching who did what. Everyone wrote down 3 items about themselves and Rick read them off one at time. We would try to match them to help to the person. It was a tie between Mike Hatchett and Jerry Sullivan. Tony would buy their lunch next week for winning.

Here is a list of all the items wrote down from each member:

Steve Winter: Hiked across the Grand Canyon 5 times, Soloed hang-glided from a 1400’ launch platform, have summited 8 of the 52 14,000’ peaks in Colorado.

Jerry Sullivan: Name was in the Guinness Book for Records for receiving the longest letter in the world, Hiked and camped in Grand Canyon for a week, Ran over myself with the tractor broken my arm at age 13.

Bonnie Langreder: Youngest of 5 siblings, Graduated from Williams Wood’s University, 1 son 2 grandsons and 3 great grandchildren.

Scott Stager: High school Valedictorian, Played trombone for 8 years, lettered in 3 sports.

Charlie Langreder: Has owned many Camaros in lifetime grew up on a farm, had a childhood favorite dog name.

Mike Hatchett: Skied on a glacier above the Arctic Circle, born in the 70’s, showered today

Carl Scott: Short and Stumpy, retired old person, Hoosier

Deb Swanegan” Love trains and dollhouses, professional storyteller, has eaten earthworms to encourage kids to read books.

Ken Oster: Had Jay Ashcroft for a student at UMR (he used in pen at test time and dropped after test), is a twin (when born he kicked his twin out of the womb and got named first), used the results of brother’s drafting test to not get drafted in Army

 Mike Russell” Actually 6’6” tall and disguises himself as 5’9” for convenience, have a car that has owned since 1966, live on a 12 acres and owns 6 tractors

Red Leigthon: Born in Maine, married his wife from ????? (Sorry, can’t read it), Charlie and Red worked for the same company

Tony Parision: Likes to play drums, born in Chicago, sky dived from 10,500

Closed with the Optimist Creed by Tony Parision.

Meeting end at 1:00 pm

Tony Parisio – President

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