03.02.2020 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

Monday, March 2, 2020


Attendee:    club members present   11


Call to order: President, Mary Dewey at    12:01 p.m.


Invocation: Rick M.


Pledge: Dave Murphy


Introduction of Guests and New and Old Members (who have been gone)




Welcome any new or returning members


Dave Murphy was here – two weeks in a row – Yea.  Maybe because he got the mystery person HV gift card last week as a returning long absent member?  :0)


Birthdays and Anniversaries




Mystery Person:


Sid who gave to Jerry Sullivan


Sign In or Pay the Pig:


Rick owed a quarter for Kansas being #1, which he was happy to pay.  He put in a buck to cover a couple of weeks and thanks for the help with Computer give away.



Carl fed the pig to honor local Rockbridge high school #3 win without a bunch of hoopla during the season. It was a real team effort with 18 straight wins.



President Announcements


  • Mary passed a card around for Steve Winters and family. His mother passed away Thursday afternoon last week. Her visitation  and funeral was held be this Wednesday. Visitation was from 10 to 12 with the funeral service at 12:00 pm at Memorial Funeral Home. Her name was Sharleen Ham Winters.  Family and friends gathered at the Winters’ home for fellowship after the service.


  • Mary thanked everyone who helped out this weekend with the computer give away. Rick McKernan reported that 50 computers were prepared on Thursday with pickup on Saturday.  All but one were in good shape and it was replaced before Saturday.  Recipients were given an internet safety presentation by the Boone County Sheriff’s department.  A number of computers that were allocated were not picked up on Saturday. Voluntary Action Center will take them and attempt to connect with intended recipients.  KOMU was there and took some video.  A few photos are attached at the end of this bulletin.


  • Food Bank:  Jim Murphy, Carl Scott, and Larry Fick.  Only Carl made it and reported that he repackaged Oreo cookie crumbs.  Hmmmm, Oreo pie crusts anyone.


  • Soap Box Derby update: Rick McKernan

    Evan Schilling is serving as Derby Director this year. Most prior drivers have been contacted with good response.  There will be cars available.  They are still looking for corporate sponsors and working on more visibility on social media.  Race Day is June 14th (Flag Day).  Website:  midmosbd.org

    A meeting was held last Thursday and most drivers were committed.  Remaining cars will be assigned to new drivers.  They have received significant donation of lead in the form of old, no longer viable, organ pipes.


  • CYBA game times:

    3rd grade boys’ team coached by Lyman plays at 8:00 am at Beulah Ralph Elementary School this Saturday March 7th. 7th/8th grade boys team coached by Tatum play in a tournament at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm at Columbia Field House.  Sunday the 8th the 3rd grade plays in a tournament.  12, 2, 4.


  • Club Social:

    Will be in May.  The date will be coming soon.  Plan is for a Cinco de Mayo event.


Announcements from the Floor:

  • Carl: Scholarship forms were passed out in early February (Cyrilla)Deadline mid-march.  Some have already been turned in.   6 scholarships to four public schools.
  • Carl: Friday March 13rd the Center for Urban Agriculture will have their Empty Bowls event at the Center across from the ARC. Free bowl of soup with opportunity to buy a locally donated handmade ceramic bowl.  Serving from 11-1 and 4-7.
  • April 11th: Citywide cleanup.  Carl is trying to put together an Optimist group to participate.  Contact him if interested.
  • April1 25th: Fun City championship fundraiser/award dinner. 50th anniversary.
  • Sacred Hearts Church fish fry: this Friday at Father Tolten school starting at 4:30 p.m.
  • Newman Center fish fry: next Friday 4:30 at the Newman center.



Today’s Speaker:       Lottie Creasy was not able to make it today do to the Flu. She will reschedule.





  • 3/9/20 Cheryl Howard from Nora Stewart Early Learning Center
  • 3/14/20 Coyote Hill Fundraiser Pancake Breakfast at Memorial Baptist Church from 7:30 -12:00
  • 3/16/20 Peter Stipleman, Superintendent for the Columbia Public School
  • 3/21/20 Kiwanis Club Pancake Day at Columbia College from 7 am to 12 pm
  • 3/23/20 Charles Koening from CPS Stem Program
  • 3/30/20 Elizabeth Eichenberger from True North of Columbia
  • 4/6/20 Linda Schust from Jabberwocky Studio
  • 4/13/20 Shannon Stokes from the Central Missouri & Northeast Food Bank (Senior Box Program)
  • 4/20/20 Darin Preis from Executive Director from the Central Missouri Community Action
  • 4/27/20 Bruce Young  from CMSE-Giving Gardens
  • 5/4/20 Jessica Muller from Great Circle
  • 5/11/20 Gay Litteken from Mary Lee Johnston Community Learning Center
  • 5/18/20 Anna Hoskins from Family Great Health Center


Adjourn with the Creed:    12:30 p.m.


Optimistically Yours,


Mary Dewey, President


Prepared by Scott Stager




East Missouri District 2018-2019 “IT’S FOR THE KIDS”



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