02.03.2020 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

Monday, February 3, 2020

Attendee: club members present 13

Call to order: President, Mary Dewey at 12:03 pm

Invocation: Rick

Pledge: Cyrilla

Introduction of Guests and New and Old Members (who have been gone)


Welcome any new or returning members


Birthdays and Anniversaries


Mystery Person:

Larry picked Rick

Sign In or Pay the Pig:

Carl finally had his badge, but put in 4 quarters for the four quarters in yesterday Superbowl game.

President Announcements

· Food Bank: Jim Murphy, Carl Scott, and Larry Fick. Packaged cereal, removed shrink wrap on products destined for senior packs.

· Soap Box Derby update: Rick McKernan Evin Schilling will serve as Derby Director this year. Most prior drivers have been contacted with good response. There will be cars available. Organizational meeting this week of board.

· Computer Give Away: Rick McKerman: 50 Computers will be delivered on Wednesday, February 26. Thursday, February 27 will be cleanup and hooking up the computers (4-6 p.m.). Friday February 28 will be used to address any issues discovered on Thursday. Saturday, February 29 computers will be given to selected recipients. Sign up sheet will be going around next week. The Sheriff’s department will again give internet safety presentation.

· Boys and Girls Club Chili Cook Off: Will be on Saturday, February 15. Scott Stager has a signup sheet for anyone able to help with cooking, serving the chili, or cleaning up. Scott reports that the following help is needed:

o 8:30 to noon – five people to do the prep and cooking

o noon to 2 p.m. just a couple to hold down the fort and monitor the cooking chili

o 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Five or Six people to serve chili

o 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Clean up and haul stuff back to clubhouse. 4-5 folks would be helpful. We could use another person for this shift.

Anyone who can help is asked to contact Scott at 573-474-5955 (H), or 573-424-4764 (cell), or stagers@missouri.edu He also asked if anyone had a table easel to display last years 3rd place engraved cutting board. Additionally smaller stands for a couple of the photos would be nice. Mary says she can come up with an easel to hold the cutting board.

· Chili Cook Off at the Clubhouse: (Cancelled) This was scheduled for Thursday 02/06 but was cancelled because of only one chili’s offered and small signup to attend.

· CYBA game times: 3rd grade boys team coached by Lyman plays at 9:00 am at Battle Elementary School this Saturday 2/8 and 7th/8th grade boys team coached by Tatum has a bye week 2/8.

· 2nd Qtr East Missouri Conference: Will be held in Columbia on Friday, February 21 and 22 at the Drury Inn which is next to TGI Friday Restaurant.

o They will be collecting socks for homeless kids in the Columbia area

o Mary is in charge of Friday night activity – She is planning a Murder Mystery event.


Announcements from the Floor:

A number of members reported having gone to the Midway and Ashland pancake feeds this past weekend.

Today’s Speaker:

Tim Haller from Big Muddy National Fish & Wildlife Refuge

website: http://www.fws.gov/refuge/big_muddy/

He will be talking about the wild land, fire fighting and helicopters

Tim is with the Fish and Wildlife Service. This is a federal department within the Department of Interior.

Their Office and Visitor Center is across the river near Booneville. Take the Woolridge exit (111) and go right to the north. Take a left almost immediately – not the direction of the Clydesdale farm. They have a public meeting room which is available for non profit groups. They have been in this new building for three years, but there is one last mile yet to be paved.

The land along the river managed by them belongs to the Corp of Engineers and was purchased in 1994 after the 1993 flood.

They manage 6400 acres in the immediate area. From St. Louis to Kansas City there are 20,000 acres under their management. There are an additional few small areas within the state but not adjacent to the river that they also manage.

They primarily manage land for wildlife. They even do prescribed burns to manage the land. There is one coming up if weather permits.

In addition to their daily duties employees of the Fish and Wildlife Services serve as wild fire firefighters. They receive regular training for this and are rated for physical abilities. They receive specialized training and are listed with specialties that are needed in wildfire firefighting. There is a national database of all personnel which lists their ratings. They are subject to immediate call to service whenever the need arises and and are required to report to wherever in the country they are needed.

Tim discussed some details on the logistics of getting people to fires as needed. It is quite a massive operation that can place fire fighting bases quickly whenever and wherever needed.

In addition to other qualifications Tim is qualified for helicopter service. He can provide support in helicopter firefighting. He had some slides and discussed how helicopters are used in wildfire suppression. He showed three sizes of helicopters that are used from small ones that handle only 3-4 people and maybe only 100 pounds of water up to the large Sikorsky sky cranes that carry very large water tanks. There was one photo of one of the big ones dropping a syphon into a water tank to suck up water to be dropped on a fire. Supplying water for these in remote areas can be a challenge sometimes requiring it be trucked in to pick up sites by tanker.

They perform wildland firefighting. They do not have structural qualifications. Structural firefighting is done by local properly trained firefighters with support from wildland firefighters.


· 2/10/20 Lawrence Simonson from PedNet (Pedestrain and Pedaling Network)

· 2/15/20 Boy’s and Girl’s Club Chili Cook-off at the Holiday Inn Expo Center

· Kidsfrist Optimist Club Trivia Night and Chili Cook-off from 6:00 pm starting the chili and

7:00 starts the Trivia Contest

· 2/17/20 Bonnie Yantzi and Phil Williams from Fun City Youth

· 2/22/20 Habitat For Humanity Pancake Day, detail to come

· 2/24/20 Gay Litteken from Mary Lee Johnston Community Learning Center

· 3/2/20 Lottie Creasy from CPS Motor Lab at Rock Bridge Elementary School

· 3/9/20 Cheryl Howard from Nora Stewart Early Learning Center

· 3/14/20 Coyote Hill Fundraiser Pancake Breakfast at Memorial Baptist Church from 7:30 -12:00

· 3/16/20 Peter Stipleman, Superintendent for the Columbia Public School

· 3/21/20 Kiwanis Club Pancake Day at Columbia College from 7 am to 12 pm

· 3/23/20 Charles Koening from CPS Stem Program

· 3/30/20 Elizabeth Eichenberger from True North of Columbia

· 4/6/20 Linda Schust from Jabberwocky Studio

· 4/27/20 Bruce Yong from CMSE-Giving Gardens

· 5/4/20 Jessica Muller from Great Circle

Adjourn with the Creed: 1:04 p.m.

Optimistically Yours,

Mary Dewey, President

Prepared by Scott Stager

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