10.21.2019 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin
Monday, October 21, 2019
Attendee: club members present 14
Call to order: President Mary Dewey at 12:06 pm
Pledge: Steve WInters
Introduction of Guests and New and Old Members (who have been gone)
Welcome any new or returning members
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Mystery Person:
Carl to Red – selling Koeze
Sign In or Pay the Pig:
Ken – late for meeting, Scott no badge (still residing in his car), Carl for badge still in pocket and he made another donation in honor of Tolton girls and Rock bridge girls being in state golf tournament.
President Announcements
• The 1st Quarter Conference will take in Arnold, Missouri from Friday, October 25 4:30 to 10:00 pm and Saturday, October 26 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. From 4:30 to 7:00 pm on Friday we will be having a Trick or Treat benefiting CCC/OIF in the parking lot behind the hotel. Please let Mary know if anyone wants to go so she can get you registered.
• Last Weeks Board Meeting Funded Nora Stewart Learning Center $500.00, Destiny of HOPE $800.00, and Columbia Public School District High Functions Autism Center $700.00.
• Food Bank: Jim Murphy, Carl Scott, and Larry Fick: They worked on Cordon Bleu (repackaging)

• Koeze/ Restaurant Certificates- Steve Winter said “The first order will be due on Monday, October 28 and Chris McD’s will not be on the Restaurant list this year. Thus we only have Murry’s, D’Rowes, Sophia/Addison and Shakespeare Pizza.” We want everyone to go 1 % higher than that last year’s orders. Koeze nuts prices have gone up a little this year. First order will be due on Monday, October 28th. Steve Winter emphasized the 1% increase in sales goals this year refers to volume of sales, not
the dollar amount. The 3% Koeze nuts price increase doesn’t count tor sales goals.
• Club Social – Steve Winters: Tuesday, November 5 for the Shrimp Dinner at 6:00 pm at the Clubhouse. Cost is $10.00 for adults and kids eat free. Larry is taking reservations and money. We have 40 lbs of easy to peel jumbo shrimp to be accompanied by other goodies. Larry Fick said there are currently 25 signed up for this dinner. He encouraged Board members who haven’t been able to attend recent luncheon meeting to sign up for this event. Contact Larry at 445-2743 or email:
lfick41@centurytel.net to sign up.
• Christmas Trees: C.O Scheffer: 1 or 2 trucks will be in on Saturday, November 16, 2019. Mizzou Baseball team will be helping unloading and drilling the 50 – 9-10’ trees that day. All the Frasers will be in one truck load. I like to Thank Jim Murphy spent all the hours completing Christmas tree tags. Non- Frasier on 10/16,17,18 – date won’t be confirmed until later.
• Jim Murphy called for a CLUBHOUSE WORK DAY Saturday October 26 at 9:00 am. Workers are needed to move trailers and tree stands and clean up parts of the yard. The commitment should only take an hour if 6 or more member show up. Steve and Becca Winters volunteered to organize inside the clubhouse.
• Dues, Dues, Dues – get them paid ASAP.
Announcements from the Floor:
• Today’s Speaker:
Trent Rush & Monica Palmer from The Missouri Symphony
They began by thanking us for our support of the Young Peoples Concert.
In November they will host third graders from Columbia public schools at two free concerts. The intent is to expose them to orchestral music an an early age both for enjoyment and to begin thinking about playing an orchestral instrument. Students will be bussed in for the concerts. This year students are also coming up from Ashland
They played about a three minute selection of classical music. Specifically Edvard Grieg’s “Peer Gynt”. Everyone was asked to write down what they thought of while listening. A few present related what the piece brought to mind. Answers included mountains, valleys and streams. They then had a drawing for tickets to an upcoming concert. President Mary Dewey was the lucky winner. They are running a conservatory program involving 85-100 kids from all local middle and high schools. These students get together to practice on Monday Evenings. They will present a concert on Nov 11th
(veterans day). On December 15th there will be a Symphony of Choice – Age 17 and under are admitted free.
The website for the Missouri Symphony is:

Upcoming Speakers and Events
• 10/28/19 Valorie Livingston, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs
• 11/4/19 No Meeting at Noon
• 11/5/19 Shrimp Dinner with Speaker Carrie Gartner from The Loop(Talking about the
Improved of the Loop)
• 11/11/19 Cheryl Howard from Nora Stewart Early Learning Center
• 11/18/19 Jolene Schulz from Assistance League Ambassadors (Operation School Bell)
• 11/25/19 Ashlee Smith with a tour of Ronald McDonald House and fixing a meal for the
families that night (Still working on the time)
• 12/2/19 Jane Williams & Pat McMurry, Love INC
• 12/9/19 Ron Schmidt from City of Columbia CARE program
• 12/16/19 Holiday luncheon at the Clubhouse
Adjourn with the Creed: We finished with the Creed at around 12:45 p.m.
Optimistically Yours,
Mary Dewey, President
East Missouri District 2018-2019 “IT’S FOR THE KIDS”

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