09.30.2019 Weekly Bulletin

Mailing address: P. O. Box 1959 * Columbia, MO 65205-1959
Web: http://www.downtownoptimistclub.org

The Weekly Bulletin
Monday, September 30, 2019
Attendee: 12 or thereabouts club members present
Call to order: President Dewey at 12:05 p.m.
Invocation: Mary Dewey
Pledge: Larry Fick
Introduction of Guests and New and Old Members (who have been gone)
Welcome any new or returning members
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Jerry Sullivan – Birthday on Wednesday the 2nd of October
Mystery Person:
Ric to Red
Sign In or Pay the Pig:
Ric – KU sports program, 50th class reunion, Ric was delighted to report that two class members admitted
to having had a crush on him 50 years ago :0)
Jack Cruise – 60th reunion
Scott Stager – couple of photos in the Missourian of bread baking at Heritage Festival
President Announcements
• The 1st Quarter Conference will take place in Arnold, Missouri on Friday, October 25 4:30 to 10:00 pm and Saturday, October 26 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. From 4:30 to 7:00 pm on Friday we will be having a Trunk or Treat benefiting CCC/OIF in the parking behind the hotel. Please let me know if anyone wants to go so we can get you registered
• Food Bank: Jim Murphy, Carl Scott, and Larry Fick: They worked on setting up boxes for Senior packs to be loaded by other volunteers later. These boxes contain 40 pounds, and among other things contain juice, cereal, milk, and fruit drinks. They are distributed to senior adults throughout the NE region served by the food bank here in Columbia.
• Koeze/ Restaurant Certificates – Steve Winter said “The first order will be due on Monday, October 28 and Chris McD’s will not be on the restaurant availability list this year. We only have Murry’s, D’Rows, Sophia/Addison and Shakespeare Pizza.” We want everyone to go 1% high that last year’s orders this year. Koeze nuts prices have gone up a little this year.
• Club Social – Steve Winters: Tuesday, November 5 is the Shrimp Dinner at 6:00 pm at the Clubhouse. Cost is $10.00 for adults and kids eat free. Larry will be taking money. We have 40 lbs of easy to peel jumbo shrimp.
• Christmas Trees: C.O Scheffer: 1 or 2 trucks will be in on Saturday, November 16, 2019. Mizzou Baseball team will be helping unloading and drilling that day. All the Frasers will be in one truck load. Still need to order the Christmas tags for the trees.
Announcements from the Floor:
The 10th Annual Harvest Hootenanny for the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture will take place on Saturday, October 5th from 3:00 to 8:00 pm at the Urban Farm (1209 Smith Street)

Carl discussed the inaugural opening of Gans Creek Cross Country Course.
Club Social Dues are Due – mail to Jack or bring to Club meeting.
Todays Speaker
Todays Speaker was Wendy Crane from Rainbow House
Wendy gave a brief overview of some of the services provided by Rainbow house. She pointed out that kids need someone to talk to. Many lack opportunities that other kids have. Rainbow House is fundamentally an abuse shelter.
There are two sides to Rainbow House. One is the child advocacy center where forensic interviews and safe exams can be conducted by law enforcement and medical personal in cases of child abuse. Having a safe and non threatening environment for these interviews is much less stressful for children than having to deal with police stations and hospitals. Local police and volunteer University physicians conduct these interviews and exams. 400 kids a year go through this advocacy center. On the other side of Rainbow house is a shelter for abused or neglected children, 200 children a year receive service from this residency program. They have been seeking funding to improve their playhouse. They are hiring a Planning and Marketing director.
Children from birth to 21 years of age can be served by Rainbow House. The residency side can handle 14 children at a time.
They have two staff on site per shift which is a state mandate, They run three shifts 7×24. Employees have to have a background check, a TB test, and prior experience w/children if possible. Additional training is provided on an ongoing basis. They do have a staff retention problem. College students on staff move on quickly.
They also have quite a few volunteer groups who come in to help with cleaning, maintenance and similar needs.
The brochure handed out by Wendy is attached to the bottom of this bulletin (editor – I hope).
The website for Rainbow House is: https://rainbowhousecolumbia.org
• 10/07/19 Glenn Cobbins and Judy Hubbard from “Be the Charge you wish to see the World”
• 10/14/19 Mike Reynolds from Adult High School at the Columbia Tribune
• 10/21/19 Trent Rush from Missouri Symphony
• 10/28/19 Valorie Livingston, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs
• 11/4/19 No Meeting at Noon
• 11/5/19 Shrimp Dinner with Speaker Carrie Gartner from The Loop(Talking about the
Improved of the Loop)
• 11/11/19 Cheryl Howard from Nora Stewart Early Learning Center
• 11/18/19
• 11/25/19 Ashlee Smith with a tour of Ronald McDonald House and fixing a meal for the families that
Adjourn with the Creed: We finished with the Creed before 1 p.m. (editor – I forgot to record the time)
Optimistically Yours,
Mary Dewey, President
East Missouri District 2018-2019 “IT’S FOR THE KIDS”

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