08.19.2019 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

Monday, August 19, 2019


Call to order: President Dewey at

Invocation:  Rick Mckerman

Pledge:  Jerry Sullivan


Introduction of Guests and New and Old Members (who have been gone)


Welcome any new or returning members



Birthdays and Anniversaries



Mystery Person  C.O. Scheffer gave the HyVee card to Ken Oster


Sign In or Pay the Pig  Carl Scott paid 2 quarters. The first quarter was for his missing bandage, and other quarter was for Eric Williams one of our new members for his 60 jars of Peanut butter he turned in for the Peanut Butter Drive that we sponsored at the 4th Quarter East Missouri Conference.


President Announcements


  • Board Meeting this past Thursday, August 15 at 6:00 pm at the Club House. We had one funding for Rainbow House for $1,500. We could vote on the funding because, we didn’t have a enough board members present.  So we are doing the vote by email.


  • Food Bank: Jim Murphy, Carl Scott, and Larry Fick  They were bagging up cereal Cherrios


  • Respect the Law BBQ: Respect for Law BBQ: Will take place on Saturday, August 31 at COMO Park shelter more detail to come. Need help in serving the food, cooking and set up and cleaning. Dexheimer Shelter – byTennis Courts. All local clubs. Kids First Optimists have put up a volunteer sign up at Respect for Law signup Alternatively contact Tom Luckenbill at (573) 808-1615 or Mary Dewey at (573) 808-1120. We will have a information table during the BBQ to show off what we have done over the years for the Youth of Columbia and one of our Soap Box Derby Car. We will be trying to pull in new members.


Announcements from the Floor:


Today’s Speaker

  • 8/19/19 Ron Rowe from Youth Community Coalition


Here is the Mission for the Youth Community Coalition: The mission of YC2 is to help youth develop into productive and self-sufficient citizens by working together to decrease substance abuse and promote healthy behaviors. YC2 promotes community collaboration around issues concerning healthy choices, positive activities, education, employment, service, and the prevention of substance abuse.


Here is the 5 Promises that the Youth Community Coalition that are the basic things that a child needs in their life in order to help them be succeed in school, in life and in the community. They are Safe Places, Caring Adults, Healthy Start, Effective Education, and Opportunities to Serve in the Community.


Ron talked about their You Card We Care Cards:

You Card We Care Program

Because the human brain isn’t fully mature until the mid-20’s, underage use of alcohol and tobacco is the #1 cause of addictions or Substance Use Disorders in our country.

Where do youth get addictive controlled substances?  When we trace it back to the source, we discover it is always adults who buy, supply, sell to youth or fail to lock up alcohol or tobacco.

What can we do? You Card We Care is a positive reinforcement campaign focusing on giving thanks to our local retail cashiers who ID for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco. Here’s how it works:

  • Carry the You Card We Card and notice cashiers who ID for alcohol and tobacco purchases. It could be the participant him/herself or a customer at a nearby table or cash register or someone ahead of you in the check-out line.
  • Thank the cashier or server for carding a customer, which helps curb youth access to alcohol and tobacco.
  • Express appreciation by giving the employee the card.
  • Point out to the employee they qualify to enter a drawing for a prize.
  • Can also reach out to the managers to show appreciation for the employee’s efforts.

Our goal? To acknowledge customers often complain when carded. We want these workers to obey the law and decrease access even when it’s most difficult. We want them to know the community cares, is watching and has their back.

What’s rewarded gets repeated.

As we approach prom and graduation seasons, Youth Community Coalition wants to invite the community to be a part of this home grown program to reduce substance use and addiction. We hope you will join us in this worthy goal of reducing access to alcohol and tobacco products to underage youth.

95% of addictions begin before the age of 21.


YC2 Offices: 207 Park Avenue

Family Impact Center – FACE Office: 105 E Ash Street

Public Health and Human Services – 1005 W Worley Street 

Columbia City Hall lobby – 701 E Broadway


Ron also talked How they work with the CPS, Ashland, Harrisburg and Centralia. The topic they talk about are  Teen Pregnancy to the different type of Bullying.


He also talked about the 2019 Youth Community Coalition Legislative Forum that will take place on Tuesday, October 1 at the First Presbeterian Church at 16 Hitt Street from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Youth Community Coalition proudly announces our 5th Annual YC2 Youth Issues Legislative Forum. At the event, we will be giving our state legislative representatives information about issues YC2 has determined as the most important to address for youth in our area.
Those issues are: youth vaping, medical marijuana, and medicaid coverage.
The event is open to the public and we expect to include audience questions for our panel at the event.
Big Daddy’s BBQ and refreshments will be served while it lasts. Doors open at 5:45.


The last thing he talked about DASA (Disabled Athlete Sports Association) this organization is dear to his heart because, his daughter is taking part in this program.  This organizations is different than the Special Olympic. DASA is a Paralympics Sports Club that recruits individuals 5 years old to adults with Permanent physical, visual, or hearing impairments who are cognitively able to follow rules of a game without assistance and who have difficulty participating in sports with their non-disabled peers because of their physical limitations. The sports they have in Columbia are:   Swimming, Track and Field and Wheel Chair Basketball.  In 1997, Kelly Behlmann gave physical therapy to children with disabilities. Kelly dreamed of providing an affordable service to her kiddos that emphasized the abilities each child had rather than focusing on their disabilities. What began as a dream has gone far beyond anything Kelly could have EVER imagined. While DASA maintains its original goals and core values, the organization has since expanded into a successful sports club, grooming national champions, international record-breakers, and Paralympic gold-medalists. Along the way, DASA has also started community education programs, personal care training, and social outlets for youth with disabilities – as well as their families! Mission and Vision of the DASA is: All of those who live with a Physical, visual disability or deaf or hard of hard of hearing will be given the opportunity to participate in sports and fitness activities designed to improve self-esteem, growth and well-being to improve self-esteem, growth and well-being while instilling family values.




  • 8/26/19 Karen Grindler from Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center
  • 9/2/19 No Meeting  (Labor Day)
  • 9/9/19 Carrie Gartner the Executive Director of The Loop CID
  • 9/16/19 Jessica Bernhart from Camp Hickory Hill Diabetes Camp



Adjourn with the Creed: We finished with the Creed at 12:47 p.m.


Optimistically Yours,

Mary Dewey, President




East Missouri District 2018-2019 “IT’S FOR THE KIDS”

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