08.05.2019 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

Monday, August 5, 2019

Call to order: President Dewey at 12 p.m.

Invocation: Pat Brown

Pledge: Mary
Attendance: 10 + 1 guest. + speaker

Introduction of Guests and New and Old Members (who have been gone) Tom Luekenbill – talked about about Optimisim, upcoming events – respect for law

Welcome any new or returning members
Birthdays and Anniversaries Steve Klein – Wedding anniversary yesterday – August 4th – 26 yrs.

Mystery Person Carl – gave to Pat Brown Sign In or Pay the Pig Carl paid for radio bit stating Dave Murphy’s term on Conservation commission recently ended.

President Announcements • District Optimist Meeting
Aug 9-11 District meeting here in Columbia. At Executive Center 4 p.m. demo of Soap BoxDerby. Carl and food bank are coordinating a food drive – peanut butter – 16 oz jars. Asking district clubs to donate as much as possible.
• Food Bank: Jim Murphy – vegetarian spring rolls – frozen. Repackaged into smaller containers. • Mary thanked everyone who came out for the Farmer Market tour this past Thursday. We all learned a lot about the different parts of the Farmer Market from the commercial kitchen that will be on site to the area where they will be planting their gardens. If you haven’t been out there you will need to go and check out the vendors and what they are selling from vegetables to homemade items. Carl talked a bit about the tour. Next year they will build the new building with kitchen and begin gardening there. • Respect for Law BBQ: Will take place on Saturday, August 31 at COMO Park shelter more detail to come. Need help in serving the food, cooking and set up and cleaning. Dexheimer Shelter – by Tennis Courts. All local clubs. Kids First Optimists have put up a volunteer sign up at Respect for Law signup Alternatively contact Tom Luckenbill at (573) 808-1615 or Mary Dewey at (573) 808 1120.

Announcements from the Floor:
Sugar Grove Baptist Church August 17 11 a.m. – chicken and mutton. Located south off WW at roundabout.

Today’s Speaker Ellen Drummond visited with us today about the Junior Achievement Program. She thanked us for our clubs funding them last February for the program at Derby Ridge Elementary. Junior Achievement’s mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. The program primarily operates in elementary schools, though programs also exist for high schools. They have been around for 100 years. High School programs involved students actually creating and running virtual companies. Now they start with elementary K-5, and have programs for middle and high. They work at partnering the business community with schools. They teach entrepreneurship, business, economics, and financial responsibility. They are a non-profit with no government funding. They are funded by donations and grants. They have been here in Columbia for 6-7 years. Volunteers are paired with teachers and the schools
provide time within the school day integrating the lessons into the regular curriculum. They have volunteer kits which are designed for appropriate age. They get kids at young ages to begin thinking about career paths, thinking about responsibility with money, understanding and dealing with credit and debt.  5th graders go to BizTown in St. Louis – there is a miniature town where they spend the day familiarization them with the operation of the town. High school students can go to finance Park. There they play a game of life on an iPad. They are presented with with life scenario: job, spouse, kids, salary. They must live and create a budget within means. Local Junior Achievement has begun expanding to surrounding communities. They have a fundraiser on September 9th. It is a breakfast gathering with the topic of “Achieve More”. It as at the Hub downtown Columbia 7-8:30 a.m. . There will be a trivia night at the Elks
Lodge next April. Ellen passed out a couple of information sheets about JA. Someone asked about assessment data so after the fact she provided some PDFs with information about that. An attempt will be made to include the information sheets and followup data at the end of this bulletin. Be aware that some of these brochures are from last year, so data and dates may not be current. For more information on JA contact Ellen at edrummond@jastl.org, or call (573) 353-3884 or (573) 514-7105. Their website is JASTL.ORG where you can follow the About JA link and drill down to /
districts and areas served/Junior Achievement in Central Missouri.

• 8/9 -10/19 4th quarter Missouri East Conference at Holiday Inn Executive Center
• 8/12/19 Soap Box Derby winners
• 8/19/19 Ron Rowe from Youth Community Coalition

• 8/26/19 Karen Grindler from Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center
• 9/9/19 Carrie Gartner the Executive Director of The Loop CID

Adjourn with the Creed:

Optimistically Yours,
Mary Dewey, President

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