07.29.2019 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin
Monday, July 29, 2019

Call to order: President Dewey at 12:03 p.m.

Invocation: Mary

Pledge: Pat Brown

Attendance: 14 + 1 guest + 2 speakers

Introduction of Guests and New and Old Members (who have been gone)
John Harre – Larry Fick’s grandson

Welcome any new or returning members

Birthdays and Anniversaries
Steve Winters 35 year Anniversary on Thursday

Mystery Person-Charlie Landgreder – gave to Jerry Sullivan

Sign In or Pay the Pig- Everyone on the photos that were going around

President Announcements
• District Optimist Meeting
Aug 9-11 Optimist East Missouri District meeting is here in Columbia at the Executive Center.
There will be a 4 p.m. demo of Soap Box Derby cars. Carl and the Food Bank are coordinating a
Bringing Out The Best In Kids Since 1936
Page 2 of 5/July 29, 2019
food drive – peanut butter – 16 oz jars. We are asking district clubs to donate as much as possible.
Everyone is encourage to provide 16 oz jars of peanut butter for the collection.
• Food Bank: Jim Murphy and Larry Fick. Pasta, chocolate cereal, cheerios – repacked into
serving portions.
• Show Me State Games: Finished this past Sunday. Mary would like to thank all the club
members who were there in the heat handing out the soccer medals. She also remind everyone
who volunteered and are and in the picture on the Show Me State Games website owes the Pig a
quarter. Larry reports that the 2nd Sunday went well.
• Respect the Law BBQ: Will take place on Saturday, August 31 at COMO Park shelter more detail
to come. Need help looking for donations from Columbia Business. 10:30-5 p.m. Looking for food
donations. Need help in serving the food, cooking and set up and cleaning? Sign up sheet was
passed around.
• Reminder: The tour of the New Ag Park next to the ARC is this Thursday August 1st at 5:15 pm.
Announcements from the Floor:
Carl gave Rick a picture from the Missourian about a goat Yoga event. Long story about a goat being passed around that Rick occasionally relates. If you don’t know the story ask him and I am sure he will be happy to regale you with it.
Today’s Speaker
• 7/29/19 Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition
Nanette Ward came to talk to us about the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition. She is a volunteer and founding board member of the Coalition which was founded 11 years ago. She indicated that slavery exists in one form or another throughout he world with 40-43 million people enslaved worldwide. It can involve forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. Exploited persons are transported from state to state within this country.
Market for enslaved persons exist so someone will want to exploit for profit. There is forced labor worldwide in supply line of products as referenced in recent news stories of exploitation There are survivors of sexual exploitation living here in Columbia. Nanette told us of a 50 something woman who was sold by her parents. Another of a dancer at local club forced by her husband to perform.

Nanette was accompanied by Ann who related the story of how she was exploited, enslaved and sold for sex. She is a grandma who in her 40s was set up on a blind date with a presumably nice guy. The guy was a trucker who showered her with flowers, dinners, and concert trips. At the time she was working in a factory. He tried to get her to quit her job and join him on the road. She had a bad day at work, so decided why not? She quit her job and joined him on the road in his rig. He immediately changed into a monster having been grooming her for exploitation all along. He maintained total control, little eating, minimal access to bathroom and locked in the rig for months. She was being sold on Craigslist in Colorado. She was locked in the truck for six months. He only allowed her to call her family in his presence so they didn’t know what was going on (her parents were in there 90s). After six months, during the winter they went back to the house she owned to do laundry. Knowing he had left his gun in the truck she dialed 911 on her phone and threw it under the bed. Realizing she had done this he took off in the truck. She was from Freeburg Missouri and now lives in Columbia with a dog and a cat and says she is doing well with support from the Coalition.
Nanette passed out a double sided card with additional information including both local and national phone numbers for anyone who is being exploited or suspects they have observed someone being exploited. She encouraged everyone to put those numbers in their phone in case a situation should arise where they are needed.
A copy of the card is included at the end of this bulletin.
References which are on the card:
National hotline number: 888-373-7888
Local phone number (866) 590-5959

• 8/5/19 Ellen Drummond from Junior Achievement Program
• 8/9 -10/19 4th quarter Missouri East Conference at Holiday Inn Executive Center
• 8/12/19 Soap Box Derby winners
• 8/19/19 Ron Rowe from Youth Community Coalition
• 8/26/19 Karen Grindler from Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center
• 9/9/19 Carrie Gartner the Executive Director of The Loop CID
Adjourn with the Creed:

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