05.06.2019 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

            Monday, May 6, 2019

Call to Order:  President, Mary Dewey


Invocation:   Sid Sullivn

Pledge:   Steve Winter


Introduction of Guests and New and Old Member (who have been gone):  

Birthdays and Anniversaries:        

            Mystery Person:  Ken Oster gave the last jar of Kozee Nuts to  Bonnie Langreder for wearing                                                  RED Today


Sign In or Pay the Pig Carl paid the pig for Steve Winter and Larry Fick for all their hard work             on the Social Dinner on the Thursday, May 2.  Red’s 94th Birthday that was Thursday May 2.              Carl Scott clean out the Pig for us.  Larry Fick Honor 2018 from the Central and Columbia Food             bank. Mrs. Hayes a music teacher from Rigeway who is retiring this year from 47  year and total    of 53 years. There was $40.00 that we gave for Children Cancer from the pig.


Welcome any new or returning members:


            Talk about the District Meeting:  Our club came in 1st place over the the Tri City Ladies by             6,350 points in the A and A point. Way to go Club and Thank you Carl Scott and Ken Oster in             turning all those points for the club. The oratorical speaker were great. The winner came from             Marble Hill, MO and he had the crowd going with his speak.  There was one young man who             was a 7th grade from Ashland , MO and he was Autism. The 4th quarter conference will be held     at the Holiday Inn Executive Center August 9th  through 11th. The training for next year offices             will take place on August 10th.  There will election for the first time for the Lt. Governor Elect             during the 4th qtr conference. Everyone should try to make the 4th qtr conference.  


Food Bank:    Larry Fick and Jim Murphy  packing buddy packs and applesauce. NO more                                     Hotdogs


            Soap Box Derby:

            Rick Mckernan stated the D.O. Club 2019 Mid Missouri Soap Box Derby is Sunday, 6/9/19.  Rick             says “We need two more drivers for the super master stock cars.” There is only 4 weeks left             until the Soap Box Derby is here.

            Scholarship: Cyrilla Galbreath

  • Douglass High School: Friday, 5/24/19 at 10:00 a.m. at Missouri Theatre. Rick Mckernan has agreed to make the presentation;
  • Hickman High School: Tuesday, 5/21/19 at 7:00 p.m. in Hickman Gym. Jim Murphy to see if he will make the presentation;
  • Rockbridge High School: Wednesday, 5/22/19 at 7:00 p.m. in Rockbridge Gym. Steve Klein has agreed to make the presentation. 
  • Battle High School: Wednesday, 5/22/19 at 6:15 p.m. in Battle Gym. A D.O. Club member to give presentation has not yet been determined. 


            I would like to Thank Larry Fick and Steve Winter for all their hard work in making Thursday,             May 2  Dos De Mayo was very successful and the food was great. Follow up from Steve Winter             or Larry Fick.   Also like to thank all  the club members and their wife who helped set up and             clean up too. We raised $106 for Children Cancer that night on the raffle tickets. Congrats to             Red  Leighton on winning the prize. Don’t forget the other upcoming socials:

  • Summer Games and BBQ – Thursday, 7/11/19.
  • Annual Shrimp Feed – Tuesday, 11/5/19.


      Congratulation to  Pat Brown on his  a lifetime achievement award that he received from the       Fun City Youth Academy  this past Saturday Champion Dinner.  Sid Sullivn, and wife and Carl       Scott attended the dinner. Sid said ” The dinner was great, and Pat worked with the Fun City       Youth Academy for 30 years and 10 years on the board.” Pat Brown thank the Optimist Club for our support in helping the Fun City Youth Kids.

            This , Saturday, May 11th, 2019: Hallsville Optimist Club will be hosting a Casino/Bunco Night             and Taco Bar at the Bob Lemone Building at 6:00 pm. Cost for playing Casino is $20.00 for a             bag of  2000 chips, $10.00 to play Bunco game, $10.00 Bottonles Cup and $10.00 for All you eat       Taco Bar. There is a 50/50 raffle. The money goes back to the Community of Hallsville, for             example, Local scholarships to Buddy Sacks


            Friday, May 31, 2019: Boone County Relay for Life walk at Hickman High School Track  from             5:30 to 11:30 pm. Come out and support the American Cancer Association in a finding a             CURE for Cancer.


            Thursday , June 6th, 2019: Bike Safety Rodeo at Karis Church (606 Ridgeway Ave) from 5:00             to 7:00 pm with set up starting  4:00 pm.


            Steve Winter Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture Birthday Party and Taco Potluck is this             Friday, May 10th from 6 to 8 pm at the Urban Farm 1209 Smith Street. We donated the rest of             the taco supplies from our diner on Thursday, May 2.


            Board Meeting next Thursday, May 16 at the Tiger Hotel at 6:00 pm. Meeting has been moved             due  to the Soap Box Derby Cars are coming down from upstairs to get worked on.


Today’s Speaker:

            Our speaker today was Coordinator Kelly Srigley-Werner from the Missouri State Private             Lands US Fish and Wildlife Service, along with her husband, Wes Werner 13th Circuit  Court             Marshall for Boone and Callaway Court Room.


            They told us about Monarch Butterflies and their plight up the United States to Canada. They             explained there is an Eastern population and a Western population with the Rocky Mountains             as the dividing line. The Eastern population is faring better than the Western because of the             wild fires that occurred in the West.


            The most important plant needed for the butterflies is milkweed. There are three types:             common, swamp, and butterfly. The butterflies lay their eggs on these plants, when they             become caterpillars, they eat the milkweed eventually turn into a beautiful Monarch butterfly!              Then continue on their merry way to Canada, then in August they will head back to Mexico.


            Her husband, Wes, works with kids that need guidance, so he decided to get them involved in             nature. The City of Columbia Juvenile Office has a program with 8-10 kids between 13-17 years             old on Saturday morning. Wes and Kelly take these kids on field trips to discover nature. For             example they will go to the Missouri River and introduce them to different kinds of wildlife.             They will get them involved in prairie planting milkweed and other types of plants to improve             not only the Monarch butterfly population but other types of butterflies and insects.


            Kelly did say that they are always looking for volunteers, if anyone is interested in getting in             touch with her, she said to contact our president, Mary.


            Upcoming Speakers:

            Monday, May 13, 2019          Right Now NO Speaker

            Monday, May 20, 2019          Kelly Meyer from Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home           

            Monday, May 27, 2019          NO MEETING (Memorial Day)

            Monday, June 3, 2019           Julia Dorm and Brittney Abbott from The Food Bank for                                                                       Central  and Northeast  Missouri

            Monday, June 10, 2019         MacKenzie Everett-Kennedy from Hickman Review and                                                                        Celena Schmolzi the winner from the Optimist Essay Contest.

            Monday, July 22, 2019          Clara Umber from Ten Outreach Program

            Monday. August 5, 2019       Ellen Drummond from Junior Achievement Program


          Optimistically Yours,




          East Missouri District 2018-2019

                   “IT’S FOR THE KIDS”

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