03.25.2019 Weekly Bulletin

Downtown Optimists weekly Monday Luncheon – March 25th, 2019


Meeting was begun shortly after noon by President Dewey


Invocation was given by Bruce Sappington and the Pledge led by Steve Winters


Introduction  of Guests


Reid Lyle – guest of Ric McKernon.  Reid is the owner of Fast Yeti T’s and is a sponsor of the Soap Box Derby

Becca Winters – Steve’s daughter


Birthdays and Anniversaries


Ric McKernon reported that he will be a year older as of this coming Friday.


Mystery Person


Gary Uppinghouse gave the award to Steve Winters (gift card to HV).

Sign in / pay the pig


Ric Mckernan paid the pig for KU loss in top 32 in NCAA basketball.  Carl had not yet arrived, so Ric pre-empted what would have certainly been a request to contribute.  Carl arrived shortly thereafter and sure enough attempted to get Ric to contribute.  He was informed that Ric had already done so.


Board Meeting last Thurs


The following funding request were granted:


  • Fun City – $2500
  • Diamond Council and Daniel Boone Little League – $700
  • Hickman Review – $1000
  • High School Scholarships (6) – $6000


Also approved was additional purchases for Holiday Season sales – Wreaths and Roping.


Election of next years club officers


The Officer Search Committee submitted the following nominees for next year officers slate.  This is the first reading of three required:


  • President Elect: Kelly Schilling
  • 1st Vice President: Anthony Parrisio
  • 2nd Vice President: – undetermined –
  • Treasurer: Jack Beard Jr
  • Secretary: Ron Berg
  • Board Members: Phyllis Nicholls and Mike Hatchett – 2nd term;  Elana Rykamyatullov – New Member


Food Bank:  Larry Fick or Jim Murphy


Prepared Buddy Packs and unmentionable chicken


The Food Bank has requested the opportunity to take a photo of Optimist volunteers.  They are recognizing us in their Hall of Fame.  Larry Fick received the request and will coordinate a photo opportunity


Soap Box Derby Sunday 6//9/19


Ric McKernan reported on a meeting last week.  He reports that most cars are filled.  Remaining available cars include one stock division, two super stock, and two in masters.

Last year was our biggest race ever.  And it was the biggest in region four which includes a number of surrounding states.  This year will be even bigger.  The timing equipment recently purchased has helped speed up the race process.  Efforts will continue to speed up the event.  Ric gave an example of how much total time could be recovered by just removing 30 seconds from each interval between races.


Scholarship report: 


Deadline for applications was Monday March 18.

Carl reported that there are 17 applications from Rock Bridge, 13 from Hickman, and 3 from Douglas, plus whatever is in a just received packet from Battle.


Upcoming DOC Social Event:


Next Doc Club Social event is Thursday 5/2/19 –  Dos De Mayo. – There will a 5 p.m. social hour  with fresh sopaipillas  and adult beverage.  Dinner starts at 6 p.m. with a full menu of Tex-Mex items.  Cost is the usual  $10 for adults, kids eat free.


There will be a raffle for a $25 gift certificate to Las Margaritas – benefits will go to Childhood  Cancer

Larry Fick is collecting money for dinner and raffle.


Future DOC events:


July 11th, 2019 – DOC Social – Summer Games and BBQ at Clubhouse


November 5th, 2019 – DOC social – Annual Shrimp Feed at Clubhouse


Help is needed Sat April 13 with Douglass Baseball Clinic (Tri Star) at Douglass Park (400 North Providence – 2 to 4 p.m.  Sign up sheet will be available next week.


Help is needed on Thursday June 6th for the Bike Safety Rodeo.  This year there is a change of venue.  Event will be at Karis Church (606 Ridgeway Ave) 5 to 7 pm  Setup starting at 4 p.m.  Sign up sheet will be available next week.



Todays Speaker:


Steve Smith, President and CEO of Job Point gave us a great overview of who they are and what they do:


Job Point began in 1965 as a sheltered workshop sponsored by the Cosmopolitan Lunch Club.  With other sheltered workshops starting up in Columbia Job Point  grew into an employment center providing training, education and assistance in finding and maintaining jobs.


Steve provided a 2018 Annual Report brochure which gave an overview of the services they provide.  It also included a financial breakdown of assets and liabilities as well as statement of Operating Activities.  It contained a brief summary of the primary services they provide.  Steve spent his time discussing these various services.  Following are some notes from Steve’s discussion and information gleaned from that overview.


Training / certificate courses:


This program prepares individuals for employment in a specific field.  Current offerings include:


  • Office Technology (Basic Clerical, Accounting/Computing, Secretarial Refresher and Medical, Legal or Executive Administration)
  • Office Support Specialist
  • Retail Sales
  • Carpentry
  • Highway Heavy Construction
  • Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Certified Nursing Assistang


Employment Services


Equips candidates with the tools for a successful job search.  Interests, skills and experiences are matched with employer needs.  Followup support is extended for job retention.


Employment Services with supports


This program assists individuals with significant disabilities to identify appropriate work goals and secure and retain employment.  Job Point assists with determining whether some folks can move out of sheltered workshops and work some in the greater community.  They assist with soft skill development, work scheduling, finding transportation and housing as well as daycare or childcare.


Youth Build


Focuses on disadvantaged youths aged 16-24 year old persons most of whom don’t have a High School degree of equivalent.  Job Point assists them in getting an equivalency certificate, and developing job skills.  Participants spend half time in classroom and half time on work projects.   Work projects include working on affordable housing projects building energy efficient family homes.  Soft skill training is key – how to deal with work environments and interacting with employers and co-workers.  Half of the participants in this program find employment in the construction trade.  Primary goal is to enable them to keep a job for 90 days.  This program is federally supported.


Community / housing development


Job Point is one of the Community/ Housing development organizations in Columbia.  Working with the city of Columbia students construct new homes for sale to income-eligible individuals and families.  Participants also assist other community organizations with construction and rehabilitation of homes and other structures.


Specialized Services


Job Point provides specialized services for


  • Adults with disabilities
  • Individuals who are unemployed or under employed
  • People with social, economic, legal and/or educational disadvantages
  • Persons with physical or mental health conditions, including injuries
  • High -risk youth ages 16-24



Additional information


Steve provided a Fiscal Year 2018 outcome report that included the following information:


  • 428 persons were served
  • $10.77 was the average wage/hour earned by those placed in jobs.
  • 77% of adult job seekers maintained employment for at least 90 days.
  • 97% of customers were satisfied with our services


Also included was an extensive list of companies which created employment opportunities in fiscal year 2018.


The brochure included a list of their officers andboard of directors who come from a  broad selection of the local business, financial,  education, medical,  legal and law enforcement communities.


Job Point has locations in Columbia, Marshall, Moberly, and Sedalia.  The Columbia office is at 400 Wilkes Boulevard, phone (573) 474-8560.  Information available at


  • org
  • com/jobpoint
  • com/jobpointmo


Future Luncheons Speaker Schedule


  • 4/1/19 –   Aaro Froese from Boy Scouts of America
  • 4/8/19 –   Susan Shaffer from the Special Olympics
  • 4/22/19 – Tim Haller from Big Muddy National Fish & Wildlife Refuge
  • 5/6/19 –   Kim Sringley-Werner from Missouri State Private Lands U.S Fish & Wildlife Service
  • 5/20/19 – Kelly Meyer – Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home
  • 5/27/19 – NO MEETING (Memorial Day)
  • 6/3/19 –  Julia Dorm and Brittney Abbott from The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri
  • 6/10/19 – MacKenzie Everett-Kennedy from Hickman Review and Celena Schmnolzi the winner of the local Optimist Essay Contest.
  • 8/5/19 –  Ellen Drummond from Junior Achievement Program







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