09.24.2018 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin
Call to order: Ed Musterman, President at 12:05
Invocation: Larry Fick
Pledge: Red Leighton
Introduction of Guests
Dave Murphy introduced his guest Godmoc and Dola from Sweden. Godmoc is the pastor of the church where Dave’s daughter lives. He and his wife are visiting to attend the 60th anniversary of St. Andrews Lutheran Church on the east side of Columbia.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Mystery Person –
Jim Murphy made today’s award to Ed Musterman for doing a fine job as he completes a second consecutive year as our club president.
Greeter –
Charlie Langreder told of his hunting experience this month. Duck season opened on Sept. 1 but, when he got out on Sept. 2 all the ducks were gone. Teal Season opened September 6 but Charlie came up short. Archery Deer Season opened September 15. Charlie has three tree ladders and 3 ground blinds but he didn’t see a single deer after spending a day in a tree stand. He went on to say anyone who gets bored siting all day in a tree stand is not paying attention. Nature has a lot to offer. Butterflies and other insects are marvelous to watch. But he is not ready to exchange his bow for a camera. He plans to introduce his wife to hunting later this season.
• Sign In or Pay the Pig
Carl Scott added a couple of quarters to the pig today. The first was in recognition of the Great Circle’s Diamond Night Gala Event to be held October 6 at the Holiday Inn Executive Center. Individual tickets are available for $140.00. Great Circle works with children with extreme behavioral disorders. The second quarter was to honor Mark Snyder of Snyder Engineering who joined our club and brought four of his employees with him.
• Welcome any new or returning members.
• Food Bank – Jim Murphy/Larry Fick
Jim and Larry worked on Buddy Packs for school children
• Tree lot – Jim Murphy, C.O. Scheffer, Rick McKernan
All is moving on schedule. Jim reiterated the work day scheduled for Saturday morning, October 27 at 9:00 am. There is work to be done moving stands and replacing drill bits. With enough people the work should be completed quickly. Meantime, Steve Winters has completed the plans for a new tree netting table which he and Scott Stager will build. Rick McKernan is working with Steve on the Optimist Christmas Tree banner.
• Club Social – Steve Winters: Oct 30th, Shrimp Fest.
Steve has 25 lbs. of shrimp and a rain check for 10 more lbs. when more members sign up for this Shrimp Fest.
Bringing Out The Best In Kids Since 1936
• Club House shed
The club has received two bids for the repair of the main shelter, our pole barn. Manor Construction bid $7,340 to remove steel roof and replace purlins and damaged wood before reattaching the original roof with screws. Don Cribes Construction, recommended by Gary Spotts, bid $10,316 to tear off the existing roof, replace damaged wood and purlins install a new steel roof with screws, ad gutters and downspouts and haul away debris. Mike Hatch will try to get a third bid from the Amish craftsmen. The work must be done before trees arrive in November.
• Thanks to Sid and C.O.
Ed Musterman, completing his second consecutive year as president, thanked C.O. Scheffer for his seven years of service as treasurer and Sid Sullivan for his two years as club secretary. All three will be leaving the board at the end of the month.
• Announcements from the floor.
At last week’s Board meeting grants were approved: $1,200.00 for a row of planting with Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture, $700.00 for uncompensated supplies for the autism program at Columbia Public Schools, $750.00 to cover some of the cost of repair to damaged corner moldings at the Ronald McDonald House, and $300.00 to OI for the Childhood Cancer Fund. These expenditures dipped into the club’s reserves, reducing them to $36,000.00. With the upcoming expense to repair the main shed covering our Christmas Tree operations, the reserves will be further reduced by $10.000.00.

Today’s Speaker
Merideth Lehman, Child Life Program at Women’s & Children’s Hosp.
Amber Lashley, Child Life Specialist at Women’s and Children’s Hospital gave today’s presentations. After graduating from MU with a degree in Human Development, she joined this special unit nine years ago. She has two children, a 7 year old and a 3 year old. She is currently enrolled in a Master’s in Public Administration program at MU. Her husband works in Jefferson City.
The Child Life Program was started in 1970 at Women’s and Children’s Hospital with a staff of one. It was the only one in the country at the time. The staff has increase to nine and many hospitals throughout the country now offer similar programs.
The focus of this special unit is on the way kids learn, how they cope with life changing events and how they handle stress. Most adults are compliant with medical procedures accepting the actions of a medical professional. Young children are different; they need to be involved in the process and to understand what is being done and why. The Child life Specialist needs to know how an individual child perceives what is happening. Some child patients are autistic, others may have sensory disorders.
The Child Life Program takes a psycho-social approach to support the medical professionals by reducing stress and anxiety. Children learn through play so the program is gear around that. Props are used, some to aid the understanding others for an anxiety distraction. Grover the doll is a favorite. But, a cloth bone with a tumor or a cloth vein that unzips to reveal small plastic discs labeled with different components of blood helps to explain blood. The specialist may use an oxygen mask or a toy IV for play to introduce a child to an upcoming procedure. An IPad is used to show what an MRI or CT scan procedure involves.
The program can accept grants for supplies or gifts of new toys. Potential volunteers must apply through the hospital HR Department. There is training involved and a commitment to work a specific number of hours each week. University students who are considering this as a profession are the more likely volunteer candidates.
Bringing Out The Best In Kids Since 1936
Oct 1 – Randy Kiser, Counselor w/ CLAIM, – Medicare 101
Adjourn with the Creed: 1:00
Optimistically Yours,
Sid Sullivan

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