09.10.2018 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin
September 10, 2018
Call to order: Mary Dewey, Vice President at 12:05
Invocation: Pat Brown gave the invocation with a thanksgiving for our continued success in fundraising for the youth of Columbia and a brief one minute of silence was requested in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11 and the First Responders who subsequently lost their lives after working in the debris of the Twin Towers in New York City.
Pledge: Ken Oster led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Introduction of Guests
Bob and Iona from the Midway Optimist Club came to announce their upcoming fundraiser: the Annual Cow Patty Bing. Lunch guests were offered an opportunity to pick a number upon which a cow would land its plot on this annual walking of the cows. Chances sold for $5.00. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be available for purchase. Pies and other items will be raffled as part of the fundraiser. The event takes place Thursday, September 13 starting at 5:30 pm at the Midway Café located in the Little general Store (outside the gas station on Highway 40 up the road a ½ mile from the Midway exit on !-70. Proceeds will go to the Food Band and to Midway Heights Elementary School.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Larry Fick’s has a new two week old granddaughter
Mystery Person –
Mary Dewey made the award to the member who joined the club in 1979, has head up the Junior Golf Tournament and handles the banking coordination for our Christmas Tree Fundraiser: Jack Cruise.
Greeter –
Ron Berg was surprised to discover he would be the greeter for the day telling luncheon guest the events of his past week. He recently went to St. Louis to attend and “Overdose Conference. He also mentioned he is a great fan of both the St. Louis Cardinals and the Arizona Cardinals.
• Mary Dewey announce she is distributing a signup sheet for members to volunteer to say the prayer, lead the pledge or provide a speaker for each of the October meetings.
• Sign In or Pay the Pig
Carl Scott thought he would get away cheaply paying 25 cents for his badge and a quarter each for the work Steve Winters and Scott Stager performed at the recent NOW and club social. When members also thought he should recognize Larry Fick, Jack Jolly and Larry Fick’s wife, Ryng Winters and all the others who helped with clean up, Scott ran out of quarters. Other members stepped up to fatten the pig in recognition of all the folks who helped organize, cook and clean up after the event.
Bringing Out The Best In Kids Since 1936
• Welcome any new or returning members.
None present
• Food Bank – Jim Murphy/Larry Fick
Last week they prepared Buddy Packs for the kids
• Tree lot – Jim Murphy, C.O. Scheffer, Rick McKernan
Only new information was that C.O. was able to get an order of trees for the Fayette Optimist packed in with our order.
• Club Social – Larry Fick, Steve Winters – attendance, financial results. Members comments
It attracted the largest group ever with 65 in attendance. Mike Russel and his wife carted their vintage ’29 Motel T Truck with ice cream churning to ensure all had enough ice cream to go with their blackberry cobbler. Far from the usual break even socials of the past, this one turned a profit of $305.00
• Club Social – Steve Winters: Oct 30th, Shrimp Fest.
• Announcements from the floor.
Steve Winter asked members to avoid the roof of our clubhouse shed. One of the 2 x 4 purlins rotted and has collapsed into the shed. Steve will arrange to have the shed examined for safety to ensure there are not additional purlins about to fail. (Steve explained unlike the 2 x 10 ridge beam a purlin is the longitudinal member in a roof frame supporting common rafters.).
Carl Scott announced the Tiger Hotel is celebrating it’s 90 birthday by offering a rappelling event fundraiser for Love, Inc. Local notables in including our own club member, Jim Yankee, will rappel of the roof of the Tiger Hotel. The “Over the Top” event takes place from 9:00 to 5:00 on Saturday, September 14. The Glenn’s Café food truck will be offering Cajun cuisine. This is to be a family event as it takes over 8th Street that day.
Today’s Speaker
Steve Winters, Koeze Nuts
Red Leighton offered some of the lines he uses to entice sales. When prospective customers complain of the price of Koeze Nut products he suggests they wouldn’t buy the cheapest cut of meat or dine at the cheapest restaurant. These are quality products. He suggests each member purchase one of the products to really understand the quality of goods we are selling. He suggests we go to people we deal with and go in person, face to face. Don’t be discouraged by having to return once or several times to complete the sale. Think of the kids we benefit and the continued requests as more funds are needed. Tell people where the profits go. And, before leaving ask how many times this person goes out to eat; multiply that number by two and tell them about our gift certificates.
Jake Jolley listed the local restaurants which continue to participate with restaurant certificates: Shakespeare’s and Addison/Sophia’s offer gift cards with magnetic strips that act as debit cards. Chris McD’s, D Rowe’s and Murry’s provide paper gift cards that don’t provide change. The entire card is surrendered whether you spent $5.00 or the whole $25.00. All gift cards come in denominations of $25.00 so it’s better to offer the paper gift card and cash for a $35.00 meal.
Jake asked we thank restaurant owners should we meet them for their participation in this program as it means so much to the kids
Steve distributed sales sheets of prior sales, Koeze Nut brochures, black and white restaurant sales sheets (color one’s will be available later (thank you Phyllis Nichols), letter from our president and order books. Orders are to be provided to Ed Harre at our luncheon meeting. There are three delivery dates for Koeze and Restaurant Certificates:
Orders turned in by October 24 will be available for delivery November 5;
Orders turned in by November 7 will be available for delivery November 19
Orders in by November 28 will be available for pick-up only at the clubhouse December 10
Bringing Out The Best In Kids Since 1936
Help is needed unloading truck on Thursday, November 1 (noon) and Thursday November 15 (noon). Help needed doing sorting, inventorying (Thursday nights), pulling and packing (Fri/Sat/Sun) following delivery.
Contact Steve Winter to help on any and all of these events (573) 999-0619.
Sept 17 – John Baker, Community Foundation
Sept 24 – Merideth Lehman, Child Life Program at Women’s & Children’s Hosp.
Oct 1 – Randy Kiser, Counselor w/ CLAIM, – Medicare 101
Adjourn with the Creed: 12:48

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