08.27.2018 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin
August 27, 2018
Call to order: Ed Musterman, President at 12: 05
Invocation: Rick McKernan
Pledge: Jim Murphy
Introduction of Guests
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Jim Murphy has an anniversary on September 3.
Sid Sullivan celebrates his anniversary on Aug 30
Charlie Langreder turns 79 on September 9
Mystery Person –
Ed Musterman made the award to Steve Winters for the work he is doing with Koeze Nut sales and his work cooking and coordinating Wednesday night’s social event.
Greeter –
Jim Murphy reported on John Sapp’s status. He is home now after a month in the hospital followed by a month in a nursing home after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. According to Jim, he sounded in good spirits but felt he would not be up to assuming responsibilities on next year’s board. He asked for a replacement to be found.
• Sign In or Pay the Pig
• Welcome any new or returning members
• Food Bank – Jim Murphy/Larry Fick
Jim reports they are still packaging Cheerios. Also, the Food Bank has a new program, “Kids for Kids” where school children come on a monthly basis to package the buddy-packs. The next “Kids for Kids” will be in October.
• Koeze- Steve Winters
Steve will have the sales packets ready to go at our next meeting. Greg Grimes asked if the club objected to his use of social media to sell our fund raising products. The Downtown Optimist promotes the sales on our website but hasn’t used social media for sales. Individuals are free to use social media to assist in achieving their sales goals.
• Tree lot – Jim Murphy, C.O. Scheffer
C.O. mentioned the tree tags are on order. Luncheon members will soon have them to work on for tree pricing by size. The Board still has to make a decision on the new sale price of Christmas trees.
Steve Winters says he wants to substitute Amish Candies for some of the Peanut Brittle sold during the fundraiser.
• Club Social – Steve Winters: August 29th, 6:00 at the Club House, Pork Steak and Baked Beans, Family Games, Guest Speaker is Adam Saunders with Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture; Program includes an update on the new Ag Center and partnership with Columbia
Bringing Out The Best In Kids Since 1936
Public Schools. Cost is $10 per person. See Steve Winters, Larry Fick or Ed to register. Steve announced there are 68 people signed up for the dinner: 58 adults and 10 children.
• Club Social – Steve Winters: Oct 30th, Shrimp Fest.
• Number of Board Members
Next year’s board will be short 2 board members. John Sapp will not be assuming his position on the board. President Musterman mentioned with a smaller club size, we may not need an 11 member board. The board will discuss reducing the size of the board by having 4 board members serving two year terms rather than the current 6 board members servicing two year terms. This would entail a change in the Bi-Laws. No one commented on the value of this potential change.
• Dropping inactive members no longer paying dues.
The majority of members delinquent with dues are past presidents. All these are lifetime members who only pay the annual district club dues. A couple of members raised objections to dropping these members without first contacting them.
• Lunch speakers for next year (Starting October 1)
President-Elect Mary Dewey announced a new procedure for speakers and invocation and pledge providers. She will have a sign-up sheet for these each month. Starting at our next luncheon meeting in September and continuing for the year, members will sign up to volunteer to give the invocation, the prayer and to find and schedule a speaker for each of the luncheons that month.
• Announcements from the floor.
At their annual awards dinner, the Show-Me State Games will be honoring the Downtown Optimist Club for our years of volunteer service at the games. The event takes place on September 12 at 6:00 pm. We would like to have a table of 10 at the free dinner. Contact Jake Jolley (573-219-2738) or at jjolley@fordstl.com if you would like to attend.
• Carl Scott mentioned the Clubhouse will be used this Thursday for the Neighborhood Policing program. He also mentioned Officer Justin Anthony is leaving the Columbia Police Department. He has been a presenter at our luncheon meetings and has coached one of the Optimists supported basketball teams.
Today’s Speaker
Greg Grimes, Member Spotlight
Greg grew up in the ocean side community of Oxnard California near L.A. However, after the Rodney King riots in Las Angeles, he and his wife, Sara, decided they no longer wanted to raise their kids in California. They left that state in 1992 finally settling in Columbia. He became a local independent financial planner and his wife works a bookkeeper with Mid-west Tire. They have two kids.
For the past 25 years Greg has helped people plan their finances. He coaches them on taxes and investments and helps with strategies for passing real estate. One of the biggest problems as people age is planning for healthcare. Many people don’t realize Medicare does not cover nursing care which can be a huge expense depending on the level of care needed. For example, simple adult day care carries $24,820 annual cost. Anyone needing more intensive care will face significantly higher costs. The annual costs for assisted living is $43,536, 6 ½ hours a day of home health aide costs $47,450, a Semi-Private nursing home care is $82,125 while Nursing home care in a private room is $92,325 annually. Greg emphasized the importance of our upcoming meeting on October 1 with Randy Kiser for “Medicare 101.” Don’t miss this meeting. Too many people fail to understand what’s needed in planning for healthcare in retirement.
In addition to his work, Greg has a wide variety of interests. He enjoys brewing beer and smoking meats. He works with tactical weapons and is a member of The Crossing Church
Bringing Out The Best In Kids Since 1936
Sept 3 – Labor Day, No Meeting
Sept 10 – Greg Grimes, Member Spotlight
Sept 17 – John Baker, Community Foundation
Sept 24 – Merideth Lehman, Child Life Program at Women’s & Childrens Hosp.
Oct 1 – Randy Kiser, Counselor w/ CLAIM, – Medicare 101

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