08.20.2018 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin
August 20, 2018
Call to order: Mary Dewey, Vice President at 12:05
Invocation: Pat Brown
Pledge: Mike Russell
Introduction of Guests
Mike Russell joined the club for lunch today indicating he would be a more frequent luncheon member as he is winding down his business in Fulton.
Steve Klein told how he has been religiously coming to the Hy-Vee lunch meeting room every Tuesday at noon for the past several months never finding any Optimists. Then he thought to come on Monday at noon and here we were.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Pat Brown had a birthday on August 9.
Mystery Person –
Mary Dewey made today’s award to C.O. Scheffer for all the work he has done as Treasurer and for the work he continues to do as one of the coordinators for our Christmas fundraiser.
Greeter –
Mary asked if anyone had an interesting story in lieu of a greeter. Sid Sullivan returned from the Iowa State Fair. He visited the Clydesdale Wagon pull attracting waggoneers from all over the country and Canada. This is not a poor man’s hobby. The wagons, horses and decorative tack easily ran into the thousands of dollars. The cost of transporting horses, wagons and handlers along with stabling and lodging up to six horses and an equal number of handlers is not small change. The traditional life size butter cow (standing 6 feet and carved out of butter) was on display. Visitor didn’t have to worry about missing a meal while experiencing the fair. All kinds of food that could fit on a stick were available. Finally, a 600 lbs. pumpkin was only good enough for 5th place in the Pumpkin growing contest. The winner was an 895 pound pumpkin. Pat Brown noted he got stuck in the fair traffic as he passed through Des Moines on his return from time in Minnesota. Ken Oster had a critter, later identified as a ground hog, devour his home grown tomatoes. His dog chased it away but Ken called Critter Control to ensure it would not return. But when informed the trapping and removal would cost him $399.00, he decided he could just buy more tomatoes.
• Sign In or Pay the Pig
All were signed in.
• Welcome any new or returning members.
Mike and Steve both said they would be at the August 29 social and NOW event.
• Food Bank – Jim Murphy/Larry Fick
Volunteers this past week packaged Cherries. The transferred the little round toasted oats from a huge 50 pound bag into smaller one that kids could manage.
Bringing Out The Best In Kids Since 1936
• Koeze- Steve Winters
Steve told that Salesman Samples for Koeze Nuts would no longer be routinely provided at
cost to member sellers. Too many members declined their sample in the past. And samples
couldn’t be sold as fresh roasted nuts two months later. Salesmen wishing a sample should
contact Steve at (573) 999-0619 or winters@missouri.edu/ There will be a slight shipping
charge added to the cost. Steve will have customer lists organized by last year’s seller and a
quota for each member to increase sales by 5%. The lists should be ready in the next couple
of weeks.
Restaurant certificates will be secured from Shakespeare’s, Chris McD’s. Addison/Sophia’s,
and Murry’s along with a yet to be determined local Mexican restaurant.
• Tree lot – Jim Murphy, C.O. Scheffer
C.O. alerted members we will have 1,100 trees to sell this year (down from 1,250 in prior
years). There will be fewer 10’ Fraser firs (only 40) but he is adding 8-9’ and 5-6’ Frasers to the
mix. There will be no Canaan’s this year. Finally, C.O. put in a preference for Michigan
Frasers. They have smaller trunks.
Suggestions for identifying the needed work crews to drill and set up the trees included calling
Mike at Reality House and contacting the Greeks at MU to see if any fraternities could help.
• Club Social – Steve Winters: August 29th, 6:00 at the Club House, Pork Steak and Baked
Beans, Family Games, Guest Speaker is Adam Saunders with Columbia Center for Urban
Agriculture, Program includes an update on the new Ag Center and partnership with Columbia
Public Schools. Cost is $10 per person. See Steve Winters, Larry Fick or Ed to register.
• Club Social – Steve Winters: Oct 30th, Shrimp Fest.
• Board Meeting – Thursday Aug 16th. One grant request, Mary Lee Johnston Community
Learning Center Request of $1,500 approved.
Also, the board discussed the membership fate of past presidents who are lifetime members
but are delinquent in the local dues. A decision will be made at the next board meeting.
Rick McKernan raised a concern about continuing the Oratorical Contest amid lackluster
interest. Local teachers are not encouraging kids. Rules require three participants to conduct a
local contest. Last year only two kids applied. These were diverted to Ashland to compete.
Other clubs in our zone have express similar concerns. As organizational work on this contest
begins soon, the Board will have to decide whether or not we continue to support this annual
• Announcements from the floor.
Rick McKernan suggested we might try a 50/50 raffle at our social events to raise funds in
support of our childhood cancer fund.
Rick also suggested as a better way to get to know members: each member could create a list
of 10 things most people don’t know about them. A list could be drawn randomly at luncheon
meetings and one of the 10 items could be read for lunch attendees to guess who that member
could be.
Today’s Speaker
Randy Kiser, Counselor w/ CLAIM, – Medicare 101
Today’s scheduled speak was unable to attend and canceled.
August 27 – Member Spotlight, Glen Grimes
Sept 3 – Labor Day, No Meeting
Sept 10 – Greg Grimes, Member Spotlight
Sept 17 – John Baker, Community Foundation
Bringing Out The Best In Kids Since 1936
Sept 24 – Merideth Lehman, Child Life Program at Women’s & Children’s Hospital.
Oct 1 – Randy Kiser, Counselor w/ CLAIM, – Medicare 101

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