07.30.2018 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin
July 30, 2018
Call to order: Ed Musterman, President at 12:05
Invocation: Mary Dewey
Pledge: Marc Laferriere
Introduction of Guests
Soap Box Derby Champions and their families: Stock Winner, Owen Schilling, Super Stock Winner, Jackson Fisher, and Masters Winner, Malachi Owens. Also present was Denny Fox who came to introduce Sandrae Farquharson to our club. She is a Jamaican who recently graduated from MU, an award winning runner in to 200 and 400 meter races and a new American citizen of two months. She plans to settle in Columbia and is looking for ways to connect with this community.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
No member had a birthday but Derby winner Malachi Owens’ dad had a birthday last week.
Mystery Person –
Steve Winters kept a careful record of the succession of handshakes he received at lunch today and through a predetermined formula he devised made the award to Ed Musterman.
Greeter –
Jim Murphy provided all the guests at today’s luncheon with a hardy handshake and welcome. He spent this past week remodeling his house adding new floors, new crown molding and new windows.
• Sign In or Pay the Pig: Rick McKernan paid a quarter for his notoriety and chipped in a quarter for that of Kelly Schilling.
• Food Bank – Jim Murphy/Larry Fick
• Announcements from the floor.
Steve Winters announced the date for the next two upcoming club dinners and NOW gatherings. The next dinner is set for Wednesday, August 29 at 6:00 pm at the clubhouse. BBQ Pork baked beans and Model T ice cream are on the menu. After that the big shrimp fest is scheduled for Tuesday, October 30 at 6:00 pm at the clubhouse. We’ll be swearing in the new club officers that evening. Get your money to Steve so he can plan for the numbers of guests: $10.00 or adults, kids eat free. To volunteer to help prepare food and setup and cleanup the clubhouse on either or both evenings contact Steve at 999-0619 or winters@missouri.edu/
• Koeze Nuts – Steve Winters reports members will very shortly receive their sales lists for this upcoming fundraiser. Members are asked to increase last year’s sales by adding at least one additional account.
• Show Me State Games
Bringing Out The Best In Kids Since 1936
Larry Fick made it through the day with the help of Rick McKernan, Mike Connor and Ken Oster.
• Tree LotRick McKernan, Jim Murphy and C.O. Scheffer are taking on the leadership in the absence of John Sapp. They will be meeting next week to determine membership help needed to pull off this main fundraising event.

Today’s Speaker
Soap Box Derby – Report participants at Akron

Stock Winner, Owen Schilling started off today’s presentation. He is a returning winner as last year he went to Akron after winning the Super Stock class. He had plenty of practice over this past year. He was so excited about winning last year, his parents, Evan and Kelly Schilling, bought him his own Derby car. The family travelled around the Midwest for Rally Races in Kansas City, DesMoines, Bowling Green and Louisville where cities have their own tracks and sponsor races in the off season. It was good practice and he and his family got to meet and exchange stories and race tips with these “Derby” families. Owen lost in Akron to one of the home town racers but he plans to return next year by winning in the Masters class. Super Stock Winner, Jackson Fisher travelled to Akron with his parents and five siblings. He had a great time, was excited to carry the banner for Region 4 and march in the in the opening Derby Parade with the other two Columbia Derby winners. Both his parents were as excited as he was to attend this event.
Masters Winner, Malachi Owens drove the Flat Brach car in Akron’s Derby Races. Malachi had a rough start in the trial races placing last. His derby car had been damaged in shipment. However with the help of Evan Schilling the axel problem was fixed and he placed second in the official race losing by only .052 of a second. He showed of the backpack he received with all the pins of other derby winners from around the country. (Each participant is given a bag containing two derby logo shirts, a logo blanket, a toy derby car for organized racing during this week-long event and 300 colorful 2” pins
displaying their picture and class of race they won locally. The pins are used to meet and trade with newly found friends among other derby winners from around the country. He said his favorite event was a side trip with his family to Niagara Falls. He also liked the opportunity to swim in the Akron University pool. Rick McKernan who was honored this year as the Local Soap Box “Manager of the Year” shared his appreciation for the help he received in our local race from fellow Optimists and car sponsors:
Nick Allen of Manor Roofing and Restoration
Marc Laferriere of Dents Unlimited
Ed Holtz of Shelter Insurance
And Chuck Boots of Privitt Auto ho kept our 43 “Barn Cars” race ready.

August 6 – Ron Rowe Youth Community Coalition
August 13 – Bill Cantin, Neighborhood Services, City of Columbia
August 20 – Randy Kiser, Counselor w/ CLAIM, – Medicare 101
August 27 – TBD
Sept 3 – Labor Day, No Meeting
Sept 10 – TBD
Sept 17 – John Baker, Community Foundation

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