07.09.2018 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

July 9, 2018


Call to order: Ed Musterman, President

Invocation:  Ken Oster

Pledge:          Ken Oster

Introduction of Guests

Rick McKernan his guest and potential new member, Greg Grime   

Larry Fick introduced his wife Paulette.


Birthdays and Anniversaries

Larry Fick turned 77 today. Paulette had come to bring a cake for the Optimist to join in wishing Larry a Happy Birthday. Luncheon attendees broke out in song.

Ken Oster turns 83 and is still singing on Wednesday, July 11.


Mystery Person 

Dave Murphy awarded today’s prize to C.O. Scheffer for all the work he has done and does for the club and the cause.


Greeter   –

Sid Sullivan spent the past couple of weeks in Chicago to accompany his wife during her medical procedures.. After leaving town, he received a voice message from a tenant that the roof of the rental property was leaking and she was leaving on vacation that very minute. Successful emergency repairs were coordinated from 400 miles away. His wife’s first surgery was not completely successful so the surgeon requested a second requiring a second week’s stay rather than the plan one week. The second procedure was deemed successful and Ms. Sullivan was released to return for a final follow-up in two weeks. Returning to Columbia Sid found his water problems were not over. A water main leak in his front yard greeted his return..



  • Sign In or Pay the Pig

Carl Scott put in $0.25 for Kelly Schilling. After promoting the Christmas Tree for First Responders, she posted an award to Justen Anthony on the club’s website.

  • Welcome any new or returning members.
  • Food Bank – Jim Murphy/Larry Fick

Larry and Jim bagged carrot for the Buddy Paks last week.

  • Announcements from the floor

C.O Scheffer reported he got a return call from one of the Frazier Fir growers who was somewhat encouraging about filling our order of 675 trees for our annual fundraiser.

Carl Scott announced that 1) Tuesday at 6:30 in the Daniel Boone Regional Library the 4H Club will present a legislative forum made up entirely of high school students. 2) The Boone County Fair is scheduled to take place again this year in Sturgeon from July 17 thru July 21. 3) The Columbia Tribune is having the second annual “Triby Awards” for local high school students on July 19; and 4) on July 25 Community Policing is holding a public forum starting at 6:00 pm at the Central Missouri Community Action Bldg. on Providence Rd. (Their building is just north of Planned Parenthood)

Rick McKernan 1) announced the Soap Box Derby cars left for Akron on Thursday and are scheduled to arrive several minutes ahead of the races on Saturday. 2) The Rally Association, a division of the Soap Box Derby will be holding a rally at Whitman AFB. 3) Also due to changes in the International Soap Box Derby racing rule, our club will add seven cars to our fleet of derbies: 4 super stock and 3 stock. Former rules required any derby cars that won races in their class at the annual race had to be retired.

  • Next week’s speaker topic: Mary Dewey, Optimist International Meeting


Today’s Speaker

Columbia Water and Light – Prop 1, August 7th ballot

Ryan Williams, P.E., Assistant Director of Columbia Water and Light and Kee Groshong gave the one two presentation for the upcoming ballot issue, Prop 1. Ryan gave the facts and explained what the requested $42,845,000 would pay for and Kee gave the pitch for citizens to vote on August 7.


The City of Columbia is asking voter to approve the issuance of revenue bonds of approximately $43 million for several projects: 1) $27 million to modernize our current system spending a) $21 million on a Phase 1 upgrade of the water treatment plant, b) $3 million to upgrade the West Ash facility and  c) $1 million for maintenance on 15 wells and the construction of 3 new wells. 2) $6.2 million for system Reliability to include a) $3 million for Elevated Storage in the Southwest part of Columbia and b) $3.2 million for a pump station in the southeast. 3) $5.25 million for the replacement of existing infrastructure to include a) $1.5 million to relocate main water lines on streets and highways and b) $3.75 million to replace water mains in 50 separate projects throughout the city. Ryan and Kee both emphasized these improvements do not increase capacity above the original plan. They just recoup capacity lost over the past thirty years due to the aging system.


The bond issue, if successful, is expected to result in an 11% rate increase in water bills over the next four years: 3% increases for each of the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 followed by a 2% rate increase in 2022. The final resulting rate increase is projected to be an increase of $2.71 per month for each customer. Ryan emphasized this is not a tax increase. He also stated if this bond issue fails, the upgrades will still take place but will be delayed for approximately five years while the utility accumulates enough cash by increasing monthly water bills by $10.00 to pay for the improvements projects.


The utilities use bond issues to finance capital projects so future users who benefit from the improvements are the ones paying. These projects are usually placed at five year intervals but the last one was in 2009. There may be a separate bond issue next year on cost related to improving water quality.


Kee Groshong works with the support group, Foundation for Columbia’s Future. The group raises money and provides public information in support of City initiatives. Questions about Prop 1 can be directed to Ryan Williams, P.E., Assistant Director, Columbia Water & Light at (573) 874-7483 or by email Ryan.Willims@CoMo.gov



July 16 – Mary Dewey – Report on the Optimist International Convention

July 23 – Kelly Srigley Werner- Fish & Wildlife – Monarch Butterfly program

July 30 – Local Derby winners will report on their trip and success at Akron

August 6 – Ron Rowe Youth Community Coalition






Adjourn with the Creed: 1:00

Optimistically Yours,


Sid Sullivan


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