05.14.2018 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

May 14, 2018


Call to order: Ed Musterman, President at 12:05

Invocation: Pat Brown

Pledge:          Kelly Schilling

Introduction of Guests   


Birthdays and Anniversaries


Mystery Person –

President Musterman made today’s award to Shirley Beckett

Greeter   –

Mark Stevenson celebrated Mother’s Day weekend with a family BBQ and a float trip. He traveled to his getaway cabin north of Columbia and decided a great way to utilize his beach front property and relax was too practice Yoga on the beach. He claims to have received great benefits from this exercise, not immediately but after a few days. He recommends this exercise for all who can still make the Yoga moves. He also mentioned in passing, the night time noise on East Campus is nothing In comparison to that made by the bullfrogs outside his cabin. He couldn’t imagine what makes them croak so loudly on a spring night.



  • Sign In or Pay the Pig. President Musterman paid the pig for Carl Scott’s announcement that the Central Neighborhood meeting is this Thursday, May 17 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, 702 Banks Ave. Tim Teddy will be the facilitator and Sgt. Robert Fox will be presenting his proposed Community Policing program. Carl has agreed to represent the DOC at these meetings.
  • Welcome any new or returning members.

None present

  • Food Bank – Jim Murphy/Larry Fick Larry reported the group spent last week at the Food Bank packaging popcorn chicken.
  • Soap Box Derby – Rick McKernan           Rick circulated the volunteer sign-up sheet for drivers at the Derby hauling cars back up the hill for 3-hour shifts during the Derby on June 10. The Derby will run from 6:00 am to about 6:00 pm so 16 driver slots need to be filled. This year’s race promises to be one of the biggest held in Columbia. There will be over 50 cars and kid drivers competing for the opportunity to compete in the Derby Nationals in Akron, Ohio. Forty-four of the cars are owned by the Downtown Optimist providing an opportunity for kids to race without the expense of owning their own car. One of last year’s winners, Owen Schilling, has his own car this year. He has really taken to this sport racing in Derbies in Des Moines, IA and Kansas City. He took a 1st place in Des Moines and is a favorite to return to Akron.’
  • Scholarships – Cyrilla.  Scholarships will be awarded this week. Our presenters all have their instructions.
  • Bike Safety – Mary Dewey. Incorrect date in previous newsletters.  Actual date is June 7, from 5:30 to 7:00 at Lange Middle School.
  • Announcements from the floor.

Larry Fick gave the sad new his daughter-in-law passed this past week. She had been battling cancer and knew her days were numbers. She was lead to believe she had a few weeks but death came peacefully that very night


Today’s Speaker

Jodi Cook, City Volunteer Program Specialist, Waste Reduction and Recycling.


Jodi Clark and a recent volunteer, Shirley Clark treated the group to the deplorable nature of Americans when it comes to junk. Americans are 5% of the world’s population but consume 20% of the world’s resources. We buy too many deposable things and don’t recycle nearly enough. The U.S. ranks 25th overall in countries that recycle. The city will soon have to increase its solid waste capacity at a cost of $89 million. So the big message of the day was: REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE.


Recycling is labor intense as all blue bag and container recycling materials have to be hand sorted, separating acceptable materials from trash and then by category; plastic, glass, aluminum and steel cans. Residents can help by making appropriate choices for blue bag recycling. Rigid plastics (now #1- 7 but not plastic bags, film plastic or Styrofoam), plastic toys are acceptable only if they can fit inside an 18” cube (larger items must be broken down or dispose of as trash), glass bottle and jars (but not broken glass). Fiber recycling is available by placing all cardboard, office paper, junk mail, newspapers and catalogs into a paper bag or box for curbside pick-up. Boxes must be broken down and flattened. NOT ACCEPTALE are used paper plates/cups, paper towels, tissue paper or greasy pizza boxes, as are any paper containers that contained unwrapped foods. These latter containers are dual materials that have a plastic interior coating.


As a parting statement, residents are cautioned: “When in doubt, don’t recycle, use the trash.”  It would appear Columbia has a great deal of doubters when it comes to solid waste; only 22% is recycled. When the City constructs a new bio-waste facility to capture methane gases from its solid waste, it will produce enough gas to power 3,000 homes. But at a cost of $89 million it will benefit the world more that Columbia. While reducing the amount of methane gases released into the atmosphere it won’t provide much of a return on investment locally.



 May 21- Matt Luechtman, CASA Program Coordinator, Columbia Public Schools

June 4 – Meredith Donaldson, Friends of Rock Bridge

June 11 – Amy Weeks, CAFNR – Jefferson Farms

June 18 – Detective Tracy Perkins, Boone Co Sheriffs Task Force to Protect Children








Adjourn with the Creed: 1:00

Optimistically Yours,



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