03.12.2018 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

Feb 19, 2018

Call to order: Mary Dewey, Vice President

Invocation: Pat Brown

Pledge: Jim Murphy

Introduction of Guests   


Birthdays and Anniversaries


Mystery Person –

Charlie Langreder made today’s award to Ron Berg who just agreed when asked by Mary Dewey to become the club Secretary for next year starting in October. 2018.


Greeter   –

Ken Oster agreed to be today’s greeter as he had something to say. Unfortunately, it was not all that good. The story begins with his daughter adopting a dog or the dog adopting a mother, he wasn’t sure which. The dog is a beagle named Bagel. Ken help out by providing water in the dog’s water bowl in the yard. He used a hose to fill it. Lacking automatic water shut-off and unmindful to make a mental note to shut-off the hose water himself, Ken left the water running. Later, while in the house, he noticed water accumulating in the lower level of the house. Ken realized then he forgot to shut off the water. As he walked through the puddled yard to shut the water off, he thought his job was done; the water stopped accumulating in the house. However, he later realized the house water was from a burse pipe within the outdoor shut-off valve. It hadn’t drained properly, froze and burst over the winter allowing water to leak through the wall when the value was open. The leak stops when he closes the valve but started each time he accessed water through the spigot. Now, he’s awaiting a plumber to replace the valve. Later, he’ll await the contractor to repair the wall.


  • Shirley Beckett notified Ed Musterman she and Jim would miss lunch today. Jim went the ER on Sunday, spending 5 hours there before he was sent to the Cath Lab for tests followed by an emergency angioplasty to insert two (2) stents treating a main artery with 90% blockage and a smaller artery with an 85% blockage. Jim spent the night in the hospital. But it is reported he was released this morning and is now recovering at home.
  • Sign In or Pay the Pig:  Carl Scott paid the pig for no other reason than to fatten it. He emptied last week noting an anonymous donor contributed $15.00 over the past period. Donations over the past three months totaled $30.00. Carl encouraged other member to contribute to the Pig which contributes all the proceeds to the Children’s Cancer Fund.
  • Food Bank – Larry Fick had a little extra time this morning before lunch to volunteer at the Food Bank. He will return this afternoon with the rest of his crew. Ron Berg has been volunteering but has not updated his profile to include his affiliation with the Downtown Optimist. Larry explained the importance of this for the club.
  • Soap Box Derby – Rick McKernan, Chuck Boots. Rick mentioned this is the 80th Anniversary of the first Columbia Soap Box Derby Race. Akron had its first race in 1936 Columbia had ours in 1938.  Rick is in the process of rounding up past Columbia derby winners for a photo-op to create a banner for this year’s race.
  • Oratorical & Essay – Rick McKernan reported he transferred our two Oratorical applicants to the Ashland Club contest as the Columbia Optimist group needed a minimum of 3 entries for its competition. Rick announced the winner of the Essay Contest: Marissa Kraus of Hickman H.S.
  • Scholarships – Cyrilla.
  • Bike Safety – Mary Dewey is creating flyers for this June 7 event. She will bring them to the meeting in May for members to distribute.


Today’s Speaker

Lorene Royer, Kings Daughters Dental Aid Program

Lorene Royer brought her friend and fellow King’s Daughters circle member, Dot Harrison, to help with her presentation. The two provided a song and shuffle routine they use to encourage kids to brush their teeth. There are 15 KD circles in Columbia. Lorene described the King’s Daughters as a non-denominational Christian organization. The particular circle to which they both belong is the Dorothy McArthur Circle of the King’s Daughters, named after its founding member. King’s Daughters & Sons may be better known for its retirement home for women in Mexico, MO.


Started in 1974 the local circle of women took on the task of finding dental services for kids in the Columbia Public School system who lacked the means to pay. This small group of women have undertaken the task of identifying kids in need, finding dentist who will provide dental services at a reduced cost and raising money to pay dentists for the services. The circle works with school nurses who identify the kids and put the kids with parents in touch with the program. The King’s Daughters and Sons Circle takes it from there identifying the dentist, transporting the kid to the dentist and paying for the services.


The dental program started out in 1975 when women raised $1,700 from a flea market sale. With limited funds they could only take the kids who were most in need of dental care. After a couple of years, the local KD Circle was able to partner with the schools not only to identify students in need but to join together in fundraising to expand the program. Last month they sponsored a benefit concert, “Healthy Smiles for Columbia’s Children,” held at the First Baptist Church. The King’s Daughter identified the venue, found local business sponsors and did the promotion. CPS provided the musical entertainment and transportation to the event. Six choirs from the various elementary, middle and high schools performed. With few advanced tickets sold, there were concerns for the success of the event. However, something about kids performing and parental encouragement made this a success. The church was filled with parents eager to support the event. And, with a $10.00 ticket donation the event raised $35,000 for Health Smiles



March 12 – Paul Blythe, Executive Director, Diamond Council of Columbia, Inc.

March 19 – Joe Bradley, Day Dreams Foundation.









Adjourn with the Creed: 1:00

Optimistically Yours,


Sid Sullivan


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