02.19.2018 Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin

Feb 19, 2018

Call to order: Mary Dewey, Vice President at 12:05

Invocation: Dave Murphy

Pledge: Rick McKernan

Introduction of Guests   

Red Leighton introduced his grandson, Scott Finley


Birthdays and Anniversaries



Mystery Person –

Mary Dewey made today’s award to Jim Murphy for all the volunteer work he does.


Greeter   – Pat Brown This last week Pat ran into an old friend who introduced him and recruited him to join the Downtown Optimists, Bill Lloyd. Bill is now the president of the Ashland Optimists. Pat also attended the MU Women’s Basketball game this past Sunday. In a very tough game MU defeated Tennessee with the help of the largest crown in recent history, 11,050.



  • Sign In or Pay the Pig

Carl Scott paid a quarter for each of the members who were in the news this past week: Ken Oster was pictured with the Chord Busters in the local paper. Larry Fick was heard promoting the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry on the local radio station, KRFU. Rick McKernan was in the background of a picture in the Columbia Tribune at the Computer Giveaway this past week at our clubhouse. Scott Stager and Jake Jolley were both pictured at the Boys and Girls Club fundraiser, Rootin Tootin Chili Cook-off

  • Food Bank –Larry Fick says the team is back to work this week on hot dogs.
  • Rootin Tootin Chili Cook-off – Scott Stager commented on the long day the team had preparing and serving chili at this event. The day started at 8:00 am with the onsite chili preparation and continued until after 6:00 pm. The DOC was awarded 2nd in Flight by the panel of professional chefs for our chili. The take for Boys and Girls Club was $110,750 or this event. In addition to the booth donations and entrance fees for the chili tasters, two of the sponsoring chili team held raffles to raise and additional $12,000. Club volunteers helping Scott were John Westbrook and his wife Katie, Carl Scott, Steve Winters and his daughter Beca, Sid Sullivan and Pat Brown.
  • Soap Box Derby – Rick McKernan, Chuck Boots.

The next meeting to assign drivers to the 41 club owned cars will take place on Thursday, Feb 22 at the clubhouse.

  • Oratorical & Essay – Rick McKernan moved the deadline for application for these two events to February 24.


  • Computer Giveaway – Rick McKernan thanked club members, Scott Stager, Sid Sullivan, John Westbrook and Adam Bekos for their help preparing computers for the give-away. This year there were a few technical problems with the computers that needed attention before the give-away.
  • Scholarships – Cyrilla.

It is still too early to expect applications although we have received one so far.

  • Columbia Youth Basketball – Mary Dewey. Officer Justin Anthony is no longer coaching the team so Mary coached the DOC’s CYBA sponsored team last Saturday. She mentioned team members are yet to comprehend the strength of playing as a team. Next game is scheduled for Saturday at 8:00 am.
  • Bike Safety – Mary Dewey

This event is scheduled for Thursday, June 7 from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Lange Middle School parking lot.

  • Board Meeting – 6:00 Thursday, Feb 15th at the club house. Report at the Feb 26th lunch meeting.
  • Board and Officer Nominating Committee – Jim Murphy, Chair of the Nominating Committee, reported on the 2018/19 Candidate Slate and presented his final report to the Club Secretary. The slate is as follows: President – Mary Dewey, Vice President – Phyllis Nichols, Vice President – Kelly Schilling, 2-year Board members – John Westbrook, Adam Bakos and John Sapp. (The current board members who will complete their terms on September 30, 2019 are: Mike Hatchett, Nadia Ryakhmyatullov and Tony Parisio). The nominating committee was comprised of Jim Murphy, Charlie Langreder and C.O. Scheffer.
  • Ron Berg noted that in addition to joining our club, he is a member of the local Day Dream Foundation of Columbia. This is a relatively new service organization in Columbia with a focus on kids similar to the Optimists International. He would like our club to invite one of their representatives to present a program at a future luncheon meeting. Their Mission and Vision are as follows: MISSION: The Day Dreams Foundation eliminates financial barriers to participating in extracurricular activities and promotes healthy life styles, goal setting, academics, teamwork and respect for others. VISION: That every child can fulfill their dream of participating in an extracurricular activity without ever worrying about the cost.


Today’s Speaker

Bonnie Yantzi, Fun City

Bonnie Yantzi has long had an ambition to someday become a teacher and found ways to enhance her resume through work at Fun City. She first started a teacher’s aide and tutor at Fun City in the summer of 2012. While attending school a MU, she later returned as Program Coordinator of the Saturday Program for the 2014/15 season and concurrently worked as Administrative Assistant for the Fun City program. She worked as a para professional within Columbia Public School during the 2015/16 school session and rejoined Fun City as its Office Manager in January 2016. In August of 2016 she was promoted by the Board to become the Executive Director of Fun City. She holds a BA degree from the University of Missouri.


Fun City runs two programs for kids in Columbia: Summer Academy and Saturday Program. The Summer Academy runs each summer in June and July in conjunction with the Columbia Public Schools. The program caters mainly to less fortunate kids. Most of this past year’s 89 students were on the free or reduced lunch program at CPS. The summer academy provides a fun learning experience for kids in an effort to bridge the summer learning gap many kids experience. The program runs Mondays through Fridays from 8:20 am – 4:20 pm. Morning academic classes on reading, math and science are taught by CPS teachers while afternoon skill building classes of Social Skills through small group interaction, African American history and culture through hands on activities, Creativity through art and music, Entrepreneurial skills through a Mini-Society program and Civic responsibility through neighborhood improvement projects are taught by Fun City Teachers. All the teachers are certified.


The students for the summer program are from grades Kindergarten through 4th grade from Alpha-Hart Lewis, Grant, Ridgeway, West Blvd and Benton Stevens elementary schools. The CPS provides transportation for students living along the West Blvd E.S. bus routes during the month of June while Fun City’s two 13-passenger vans provide transportation for up to 26 additional students. Classes take place at West Blvd E.S with breakfast served at 8:00 am. Lunch is provided at mid-day.


Fun City augments its education program with parent training classes on food and fitness training. To encourage parents to participate in those sessions, a $25.00 gift certificate is awarded to parents who bring in a picture of a healthy meal they provided for their family.


Fun City also offers a Saturday Youth Academy from noon to 4:00 pm during the school year. The program provides enhanced learning in reading, math, science and culture. It is free of charge and is offered at two locations: Progressive Missionary Baptist Church at 702 Banks Ave. and New Horizons Methodist Church at 1020 S. El Chaparral Ave. in Columbia.


The funding for the Fun City programs comes from a patchwork of sources including Columbia Public Schools, County ¼ cent sales tax, service clubs including the Downtown Optimist Club and other donations. Among other things, Bonnie’s responsibility is to solicit these funds and provide the necessary documentation to sustain program funding.



Feb 26 – Jack Huested, OATS

March 5- Lorene Royer, Kings Daughters Dental Aid Program

March 12 – Paul Blythe, Executive Director, Diamond Council of Columbia, Inc.




Adjourn with the Creed: 12:50

Optimistically Yours,


Sid Sullivan


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